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Violation of the law. Violation of Human Rights.


Justice and Freedom: Exactly 2 years – we are Homeless. White Hostages in Ghana.

Rent. Sakawa/Nigerian jihadist’s entertainment C14 – rounds of disturb.

Boko-Haram’s personality or hired thief by abortions-narcotics dealer doctor Mensah Berkoh (thief of our property/the murderer of my Mother) with his stolen from my Mother’s Greenhill clinic income payment and brother in terror (ritual fetish priest’s Nigerian wife). Their jihadists-prostitutes-racists celebration of our homelessness since 12/04/2016 and rent a bathroom in a bedroom in racists hostel Mary and Martha, Sunyani. NPP-NDC with Independent political party had failure for 12 years of or justice-freedom case of Akufo-Addo’s lawyers – celebration of terrorism against white foreigners-hostages (my son and me and my murdered Mother) organized drug party by authority of Catholic’s Secretariat ‘Ashanti madam in B/A’ Emilia and her day/night watchmen-racists.

Rain is God’s Blessing, a Delight for stateless foreigner hostages in Ghana. A fresh breeze of temporary good quality air. Lovely.

B/A Lawyers Slam Police Commander | Regional News 2007-08-17

Kwaku Ayesu Opare-Addo hid wealthy criminal/smuggler of white foreigners to Ghana. As a barrister-at-law, he hid crimes of life threats/savage physical assaults against white foreigners/forced starvation/particulars of the offense. He kept under the influence EU’s personnel (Francis Asamoah), stole our Mercedes-Benz BA 284 V. Reg. Police Commander influenced Ghana INTERPOL’s colleague to have daily bread from wealthy thieves as he worked for INTERPOL 10/01/01-08/07/02, sold justice with the law to get houses and nail my Mother in RCC’s coffin as he was a member of Regional Security Committee and she was murdered in Ghana as domestic violence was shielded and shaded. The case of savage physical assaults against my Mother and death threats on 19/02/2006 was sent by him to State Attorney with delay. Four Police people were involved, two of them abortions-narcotics dealer beat at the same day (to reward the clients).

Kwaku Ayensu Opare-Addo hid crime in Reg. Police Headquarters/in DOVVSU-WAJU since 2005/in 2006 lied about no existing Legal Aid lawyers in Sunyani, gave us lawyer from Kumasi Mariam Gyasi, who had failure – politicians became involved, Minister of Foreign Affairs Akufo-Addo gave us Chief Executive of Municipal Assembly Twumasi Awuah (client of doctor Mensah Berkoh the thief-murderer/abortions-narcotics dealer) and Matthew Appiah from Twumasi Associates chamber for our justice-freedom case in 2006 as we are safe political shelter seekers and all our properties Ghana stole, closed international borders to keep white smuggled foreigners as homeless hostages/slaves.

Kwaku Ayensu Opare-Addo as the Regional Police Commander hid crimes, stepped on our Human Rights and Law. The Regional Minister Baffour Awuah took my Mother, my son and me to the Regional Ministry in 2007, where we had our weekly court’s maintenance through the Regional Police Headquarters DOVVSU in the Regional Ministry for 6 years but NDC with re-shuffling throw us back to DOVVSU, where we met bribed individuals again (Tettey, Setina Aboagye) but Opare-Addo already was transferred with ASP Amoako and region’s criminals blessed them.

Homeless Hostages. Rent. Xenophobia. Noise. Torture.

All day noise, walls vibration from high volume speakers in Christ the King Cathedral’s football field. Racists hostel Mary and Martha made racism invisible. My son and I stay by force of unjust in Africa. Environment – unclean.

Racism for authority’s payment.

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