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Racism for authority’s payment.


Weird noise.

Demons are using speakers and microphones against Christianity in British Colony area, where jihadists made their roots with church’s donations. Those are shouting for Sakawa Mighty power. Where is Bureau of National Investigation in Reg. Police Headquarters area?

Rent, no water supply in 3-floor hostel Mary and Martha, Sunyani. Human trafficking with no justice-freedom no human rights and no liberty. No choice in a trap – homeless smuggled to Africa white foreigners with tortures in decades.

My son and I got water at 10:57 pm to bath in a bucket. We did not get packs of weekly drinking water from the factory. Pathetic, but need wait more (with a new day of tomorrow). Poorness with foodstuffs as monthly rent payment for one room ate our weekly food.

The best to have freedom from Africa without justice, without human rights. My Mother’s murderer used her property since 1996, used our containers since 1993 to come out of the poverty-stricken level – one ‘priest’ with Nigerian wife (thieve’s family member, who avoid abortions-narcotics dealer), advised me to divorce (marriage dead since 1994, separation by Reg. Security Committee since 2007 with no security, no freedom from Ghana as Police/lawyers/politicians jnited with racism/bribes), but we must do not ask for an inheritance for my son, no compensation for stolen from us property, no share (the same as other robbed by Ghana whites did). Otherwise, we again can have death threats, physical assaults, corps as local lawyers already did against my Mother big problems in 2006 with Akufo-Addo’s lawyers’ case and the bunch of other useless activists/predators involving, prying to use stolen from us (foreigners) property to entertain themselves as we are homeless in a jungle, have no international lawyers, UN is ignoring smuggled white victims family.

Fresh mango is not fresh.

My son and I spent 10 Ghana Cedis to make Easter nicely with rent payment/goodies (mangos) and realized: next year Easter must be better if we will get liberty.

Check it out

Why or Deporture to Freedom is pending and we stay homeless between local racists and thieves of our property/murderer’s of my Mother?

Homeless white foreign hostages, Ghana. Cheap local dishwasher.

Homeless Hostages in a Pigsty.

“Pig go back to Britain” – daily motto of Catholic’s Secretariat madam Emilia, her workers and 39 rooms of local and Nigerian renters. No Security, no regular water supply, no freedom from Africa with 12 years of official justice-freedom case.

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