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Justice and Freedom: Internal crimes in Ghana – foreigner victims unseen

Longer-lasting organized crimes as a quick sand.

Justice and Freedom: 9 years today – my Mother was murdered in Ghana. buried under control of the Reg. Minister/BNI Reg. Commander by Reg. Ministry’s workers

Justice and Freedom: Joy to the World with 2017 and a miracle

Justice and Freedom: Pre-Christmas after elections theft near no named no receipt Fiapre hostel for a victims’ rent

Justice and Freedom: 2006, the Minister of Foreign Affairs abandoned foreigners justice-freedom case – now, he is elected President of 2017

White hostages without Human Rights. Organised by corrupt officials new torture of life threats with pre-election-election time. 


The Administrator of Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice left us without court’s maintenance as the murderer of my Mother (thief of our property) did not send weekly cheque-cash with every Ghana’s holiday.

25 years of Boko-haram’s marriage in Ghana

Take a look at @TatianaBerkoh‘s Tweet:

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