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Homeless Hostages in a Pigsty.

March 22, 2018

“Pig go back to Britain” – the daily motto of Catholic’s Secretariat ‘madam’ Emilia, her workers and 39 rooms of local and Nigerian renters. No Security, no regular water supply, no freedom from Africa with 12 years of the official justice-freedom case (in May 2006 our foreigners my divorce case reached walls of the High Court, where we met race discrimination/in the house, which already stolen on 12/04/2016, we had savage deadly attacks of the murderer of my Mother, physical assaults with dead marriage in 1994). SLAVERY. Since the beginning of 2006, Ghana EU advised us to have justice to leave for the UK to have political shelter. British schooling stolen from my son for 12 years by local lawbreakers/racists, they are eating our food and we economize court’s maintenance to pay for monthly room’s rent.

Well, the UK said “Goodbye” to EU, where discrimination of Human Rights existed in Ghana and my murdered Mother in 2008, the same as my son and I had nothing lawful from diplomats. My son and I stay between thief/murderer’s followers/clients of abortions-narcotics dealer/lawbreakers solicitors-racists. We want to go out of Ghana – Noth-South (we stateless).

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