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The Chief of Staff Office of the President Flag Staff House

August 14, 2016

We believe in political justice to have freedom. My son and I lost previous shelter (my Mother’s house) – it’s stolen, no documents. We had death threats on 12/04/2016 and no safety with appointment day to Regional Minister Eric Opoku (he was absent) – we returned to region’s government of NDC, became HOMELESS hostages (on 19/04/2013, with re-shuffling NDC’s Regional Minister/his Deputy/Chief Director of Coordinating Council Felix Chaahaah threw us the white foreigner family without 3 days of no food money – without Friday’s weekly court’s maintenance cheque. NDC threw us out of the Regional Ministry, while NPP Regional Minister took care about our weekly court’s maintenance cheques directly (through the Regional Police Headquarters Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit) in the Regional Ministry, gave us government’s shield since 2007 as in Akufo-Addo’s lawyers’ our justice-freedom case, we had no success – bribes covered crimes, lawyers in B/A region did not care about International law, about law/leaders). Meanwhile, racists with their political games of election and corrupt minds put barriers to provoke Accra’s government as political crimes in regions under cover of heavy loads of injustice of previous administration uncleanable deeds in B/A (Chief Executive of Municipal Assembly Twumasi Awuah/Deputy of Regional Minister).

In short: we (foreigners), expect Freedom to leave Africa.

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