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Challenges on Easter in an Ashanti’s Islamic state of discrimination/bribery/corruption/human trafficking/theft/murder/life threats as a lifestyle.

March 27, 2016

Happy Easter Sunday!

My son and I paid Thursday’s water/vitamins-minerals credit on Easter Friday deep evening; Thursday’s foodstuffs credits, we paid on Easter Saturday’s afternoon (before the darkness of evening). Before our returning to the cave’s walls, we experienced the pressure of overwalk/of overheated air/had tiredness from direct sunshine and no sunglasses/had a fever with a sunburn/hunger/dehydration, and pressure from previous political party’s attack of no who to us in their discrimination from funny container’s nearby Fiapre roundabout. Definitely, we do not need those, who passed to Ghana from Cote d’Ivoire/Liberia/Sierra Leone/Guinea/Burkina Faso/others ISIS-Ebola countries to make their scary tactics on whites. Those ‘teachers’ converted themselves from Muslims to Christians and train local children for suicide’s attacks. Security must mind the borders. Meanwhile, the BNI Regional Commander Marcus Plus (in Kufuor’s administration) shared French/karate Cote d’Ivoire’s teacher from a gym, which almost opposite of BNI, who disappeared with the changed government. The teacher took good payment, was friendly, nothing did wrong in teaching under my observation. In Ghana, he converted himself from Muslim to Hari Krishna. We prefer to study alone. Once I found ‘friendly’ teacher in acts of swiftly climbing on a pillar to our roof, which got leakages in abundance even after carpenter’s work. In seasons, we had from NPP’s carpenter good expectation of the job/have suspicious groups of monkeys disturbance (someone said, that NDP-NPP’s Ashanti’s got a political crisis in B/A, paying in race discrimination for their Colonial ‘dick heads’).

Anyway, God is helpful to us.


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