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The Secretary-General of UN… Theft with terror and murder.

January 19, 2016

We are looking for freedom – Ghanaians racists are all the same. They dig our graves with Ashanti’s hands with their sika duro monkey’s style. My child lost interest to study/to have new clothes – no freedom from Ebola/ISIS horrid murderer’s of my Mother Africa. No whites around – blacks attack for their entertainment/some of them for payment. Murder/theft is free, covered by politicians/security. Nothing to worry about limits/discrimination.

Awareness: 21-24/01/2016 – 8 years of organized murder/burial of white victim by politicians/their security. My Mother needed Human/Women/Children Rights for us to have Liberty – she was killed/buried in Ghana, Sunyani.


From → Accomplice, Ambassador of Russia, Awareness, Ban Ki-moon, BBC, BNI, British/Ghana Colonialism, CID, CNN, Corrupted System, CorruptedGovernment, CorruptedNationalSecurity, Corruption, CRIME, CrimeCombat, Crimes, Discrimination, DOVVSU hid crimes, DW (English), Ebola, Education, Error, EU, European Court for Human Rights, Force, freedom, freedomfromtorture, freedomofpress, Ghana, Sunyani, Hatred, HiddenMurder, HIV threats, Hostages., Human Rights, Human Trafficking, HumanRightsViolation, HumanRightsWatch, Humans Smuggling, HumanTrafficking, HumanValue, ID, Injustice, International Law Code, INTERPOL_HQ, IOM / OIM, ISIS, Jungle, JUSTICE, Knowledge, Labor, Lack of Civilization, lack of Freedom, Lack of Human Rights, Lack of International Protection, LackOfCivilization, LackOfCourtMaintenance, LackOfFreedom, LackOfHumanRights, LackOfIndependence, LackOfInternationalProtection, LackOfJustice, LackOfSafety, LackOfSecurity, LackOfWomenAndChildrenRights, Law, Lawbreakers, Limits, Murder, Murder European Elderly Woman, National Security, National Security Officer, New York, organizedcrime, Political Crime, PoliticalAsylumSeekers, pre-election, Presidential Candidate, pressure, RaceDicrimination, Racism, Racism in Court, Racism. HumanTrafficking, Regional Minister hid crime, Regional Police Commander Hid Crime, sabotage, Safety, Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-moon, Security, SecurityAlarm, SmugglingOfForeigners, Social Media, SOS, Stalkers, Survivors, Terror, The Secretary General UN, The Secretary-General UN, The UN Residential Coordinator, Theft, Threats of Death, Torture Report, Tortures, UK, Uncategorized, UNDP, UNHCR, UNICEF, Unjust, USA, Violation of Law, Vodafone, WAJU hid crime, Warning, White-collar crime, Xenophobia

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