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The Secretary-General of UN/The UN Residential Coordinator – Request for Human Rights

November 29, 2015


Locals call their country Ghana – white foreigners victims of racism/bribery/corruption/human trafficking/theft of property/torture call it: “Graveyard”.

Corrupt politicians in Ghana cut off my Mother’s life – she had no Human Rights for Whites to have Freedom from tortures. With security/hired police/lawyers, they are hiding in their jungle to commit elections.

Political crimes missed between officials/leaders as a mist of security’s weeds. They all accept only white powder from wealthy doctors-criminals, but not the white foreigners plea in SOS for justice/freedom. Lawbreakers turned off crimes alarm.

My Millennium born son’s schooling officially erased by officials/leaders of Ghana with 10 years/with Presidential Candidate’s Akufo-Addo coming in 2006 to our justice/freedom trial with his baggage of different kind of stalkers from multiple political parties. We have no happiness/no home – lawbreakers in power dug the grave for my Mother, ate our nourishing/nutrition food, keep us starve, with a force. Anti-Human Trafficking in Sunyani made Police invisible, followed instructions of authorities, put political bodyguards on our ways to weekly court maintenance/on our ways to independence and to Human Rights for Whites.

My child and I have an allergy for dishonest politicians/their security the same as for their dusty seasons. The racists able to hide from International observation committed murder/their Human Trafficking of White foreigners to Ghana.

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