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Unarmed combat in West Africa with ISIS in North Africa.

October 11, 2015

May all white foreigners/hostages in West Africa have chances to complain about human trafficking/smuggling to Africa/theft of property/murder of a victim of injustice/rape/death threats/discrimination/corruption. Poor white foreigners in West Africa, Ghana must expect ISIS from North Africa with Ebola from anyone around. UNHCR (Abesim-Accra) kept our case (10/09/2012-09/03/2015) to fool the law. Lawbreakers passed into their internal corruption/racism, promote murder of foreigners/teach others to marry white foreigners to steal properties/to kill white’s family member for free/steal from white’s children inheritance/home/schooling for a decade. Count human trafficking since a time of arrival to Africa by cheats of innocent students (murderers) in my case since 09/09/1993. What time is it? It is 2015 – 21 Century with no Human Rights for Whites. We need freedom today. Why do we need to wait all our life near a door of our cage? Security of corrupted politicians already ate their nails, the same as red/black ants in Ghana cemetery ate the flesh of my killed in a morgue Mother. Maybe, they all ate her, hunt on us/on our house without Human Rights for Whites to be alive/happy/independent/safe/secure. No any thank you to unclean officials for empty/silent compliance. Drug dealers jump around our ‘white house’ to repeated mentions of “African union/Nana Konadu/pig/Nana Addo” and more. Those two are Presidential Candidates (Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings NDP/Nana Akuffo-Addo NPP’s political party flag bearer), who made our lives hellish with time of 1993 of President J. J. Rawlings-current President Mahama with between of them Minister of Foreign Affairs Akufo-Addo (2006), who with NPP/NDC’s sent my Mother to their graveyard with our SOS for justice/freedom. Human Rights Ghana made prohibited for white foreigners in West Africa, Ghana. All Ghanaian’s became alarmed about corruption, officials/leaders forcibly involve white foreigners victims for their far from diplomatic problems. Ghana IOM/OIM with the Netherland’s head had no cash for our case, sent us back to a cage in 2014.

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