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UNHCR (Abesim) in Ghana hid the crime (10/09/2012-09/03/2015).

March 9, 2015

Two and half years passed in UNHCR with our 9 years of SOS. Officially, we are political asylum seekers.

Now, UNHCR ‘literally’ informed us, that we came to a zoo to buy the envelope.

Maybe, Ebola stimulated corruption in the West Africa, Ghana, Sunyani to keep in grave’s secrets. Smuggled to Ghana the white foreigner (my Mother) was invited by son-in-law doctor Mensah Berkoh/was robbed by him/welcomed by Ghana to the grave since arrival in November 1996/was murdered in 2008/buried in NPP/NDC’s political parties coffin’s by NPP’s Regional Minister, Sunyani (Baffour Awuah)/NDC’s BNI Regional Commander the member of Regional Securite Committee (Marcus Plus) by hand of Regional Ministry’s workers. Another smuggled foreigner (me) they tossed to hide for 21 years with an aim to steal all our property with plans of burying occurrences of illegal acts of forced since 1994 marriage after smuggling whites to Africa. Wrong marriage was finished with few months of my arrival to Ghana in 1993 with his invitation/his theft of containers, which we sent from the Soviet Union. We need freedom today. My son also became a victim of smuggler’s damage of his Human/Children Rights to have safety/property/to eat well to grow and study well. My child’s lifetime/food/schooling/home/country/peace/happiness/savings the lawbreakers are stealing from my son’s childhood/teen’s age. My son had no food on time in a jungle of racists. We had nothing good/have nothing to do alone without International protection/with all committed crimes of officials/leaders with pathetic/bothering us (white foreigners) circumstances of racists/felons unity. We deeply disappointed with racism/discrimination in EU, Accra/IOM/UNICEF/UNHCR. We need UN’s assistance with Human Rights and Freedom. We will leave behind the murderer/torturers/officials-criminals/injustice.

Some adds:


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