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February 23, 2015

My birthdays no happy in a jungle of injustice with creepy parcels from the land of death with orangutangs principles prioritized in offices/cemetery/courts rooms of justice/freedom for white ‘pigs’ with a lack of Human/Women and Children Rights (with a lack of elementary sign of loyalty in Africa for past nine years of legal SOS in a black and white case). Our SOS UNHCR (Abesim, B/A) had in 2012 with reports to UN of violations of law/multiple death threats in a land, where officials/leaders forcibly left my Mother to rob her property for free. West Africa rich for Ebola streams in membranes of officials, poor for civilization in departments of justice. Unjustly my son and I stay in chains/leash (lead) of local lawbreakers – they use us as a pile of rubble to raise their buildings on their horror land of sorrow. My Mother born me in 1971. One by one my Mother and I followed her murderer/thief’s invitations to the hellish hospitality in 1993/1996. She was murdered in Ghana, Sunyani in 2008 for our Justice/Freedom/Human Rights trial. My son and I feel bad with every second in a grave land of political blockages under barbells of locks in their corruption/racism locker. We are in lawbreakers/barbarians barbecues on their menu without international advocacy assistance.

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