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UN – Expectation of Right and Positive Responses.

January 30, 2015

We have longer lasting expectations of positive replies to our SOS to have expected good results in freedom from tortures with freedom from the West Africa, Ghana. We do not care about hidden crime by corrupted/bribed officials/leaders – we need freedom.

 Through UNHCR (Abesim, B/A) the United Nations had our reports of violation of law/reports of life threats with our SOS since 2012. No sign of good from that. We keep quiet for a long time with a lack of communication/safety. In Ghana courts, we had no plus for security/freedom between racists.

It is a good sound for criminals. They limited us, squandered our time and their bribe, want us to keep permanently in squalor or cemetery. Racists in Ghana used their power to kill a justice, killed my Mother for property to steal and mute the crime case. The lawbreakers killed our trust in their human appearance with their multiple organized life threats to us foreigners with their freedom for murder. Corrupt officials/leaders killed their own citizens acts of lawful dignity with inflation in country and sabotage of the national resources, pushed to sparkle them for stealing foreigners properties, to commit murder. They wake from death the poor with deflation for transportation (10 Pesewas) for elections and votes.

Corrupted lawbreakers in Ghana are behaving oddly with every year. We stay without our willingness in Ghana, in a creepy area between no who to us. Corrupted politicians/their security protects Ghana-land from civilized life, impertinent with whites, cheapen Ghana Constitution with committed crimes against foreigners.

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