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UN. Uncivilized Security in UNHCR… Race discrimination, lies and cheats on duty.

January 16, 2015

Politicians (leaders/officials) made proud themselves with racism/corruption in Ghana, involved foreigner victims (women/child) into their blossoms of unclean business. Regional Ministers/Deputies/Chief Directors of Coordinating Council/chiefs accountants of NPP/NDC’s political parties invited us (foreigners) to Regional Ministry, Sunyani (2007-19/04/2013), to keep us, official political asylum seekers in the UK since 2006, as hostages in West Africa, Ghana, Sunyani (with their bribes for our case). Lawbreakers covered my Mother’s murderer, helped each others with security personnel to hide crimes. UNHCR (Abesim, B/A) has our case since 2012, keep invitations ‘on’ without subsidies/response for SOS of 2006 (with Presidential Candidate Akufo-Addo’s case and his bribed lawyers Twumasi Awuah/Matthew Appiah NPP’s/Wiredu Peprah NDC’s). One bad lawyer (Nana Oye Lithur) the Chief Executive Director of the Human Rights Advocacy Center (2006) tortured my Mother/my son and me without court maintenance 37 days (58 days in total). She got higher position for muted crimes with NDC’s government promotions, became a Minister for Gender Children/Social Protection (since 2013), had attempts to bring my Mother from the grave with invitations on 03/07/2013-10/07/2013 to drink our blood. My Mother/my son and I pleaded with her on 03/10/2006-29/12/2006, but she wanted us to keep with violence/starve to death without Human Rights. Those lawbreakers in power put with force my Mother to a morgue alive, stole my son’s home/schooling since child’s 5 years old in 2005. Now, they search for cash, to eat our food/to keep us with a lack of freedom from them. Racists ate my son’s childhood in their jungle of injustice, had attempts to burn us alive. Satans they are in opinion’s of many. Tortures in our house (cage) organized by all involved with problems of power/water supply, became secondarily issues in death threats (which barricades our Human/Women/Children Rights to have Freedom from Africa). 1994 – I wanted to leave immediately Ghana with dead marriage/stolen by Dr. Mensah Berkoh containers/murdered by him and his sister my baby. 1996 – my Mother was invited to Ghana by Dr. Mensah Berkoh (without my acknowledge/permission). They rob all property, use us for slavery. 2006 – we reached the court through death threats (had double life threats). 2008 – my Mother was murdered with her petition to President Kufuor ‘International disappointment’. 2009 – our ‘Application-recourse for safe political shelter’ to French Ambassador security personnel took (stole). Now, UNHCR’s security personnel messing with us in rounds under commands of dishonest authorities. We trusted in them – they are just bribed racists (promote torture foreigners with dirtiness over the country).

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