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Fashion Handbag in a Festive Season

December 21, 2014

Do you think I am concentrating on our poverty in harvests of irresponsive corrupted individuals, because of they are made West Africa shine with skinned foreigners? OK, we have no precious facts of brutality/murder/theft of our property/racism in Ghana/in Ghana Courts. Wretchedness instead of victory to have Human Rights we are not enjoying with simplicities/miserabilism and limits/barricades to have the justice/to be free from human trafficking. I clean gutters like a slave, have an empty pocket, we have poor weekly court’s maintenance (force donations) from the murderer of my Mother (Dr. Berkoh) from my Mother’s private clinic through the Police. Politicians of 2 political parties (NPP-NDC’s) got failure to serve the law. They are worshipping to the Devil/to criminals familiar to them, to the nature of their traditional deals: steal everything from foreigners, kill to provide Africa/Africans with a richness of theft/murder/torture/errors for foreigners to look civilized in a jungle. I feel like a monkey, my son too. My Mother had hope to have equal rights through courts in 2006. We had death threats in double. She was sent to a morgue alive in 2008. Now, time expired to wait from Ghana permit to have International support/protection to have life in a normal country (where fashion and passion Dear to everyone). We set an alarm of SOS for every second – we need freedom. Good to skip the justice trial renovations in full of racism places, which cost my Mother’s life. My child (teen) scrawny, but study (have malnutrition) with bushmen in a power of their thrones and no weekly court maintenance for 58, 3-6 days. Maybe, UNHCR (Abesim, B/A) can give us subsidies to we buy a house in a different continent, or just buy pretty (fashion) handbags, or foodstuffs, or tickets to Accra to be closer to UN. We suspect: our SOS, reports of death threats/reports of violation of law Administration of UNHCR sold to have their new tires for UNHCR’s vehicles to move faster with seeing foreigners near their gate with their invitations since 2012. They have opened ways to abroad with our case. Lawbreakers are a hinge with regular bribes for the door of an accomplice. We are walking through the valley of death with bare feet.

Do you think: INTERPOL can look at unclean deeds of corrupted politicians/bribed Police, failure of Bureau of National Investigation/ Inspector General of Police/Chief Justice/Minister for Gender Children and Social Protection/Ghana INTERPOL? Why not? Criminals made foreigners look as beggars, we stay with force, without our willingness and many are draining our blood to sprinkle the bread to enjoy corruption.

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