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Disgusting Water Company. Corrosion.

December 17, 2014

In our cage with webs of corrupted politicians we became hostages/domestic refugees/beggars of poor donations of weekly court maintenance cheques in Police from the murderer of my Mother, who put into his waste every his country President. Criminals buy criminals with a power of governments and their security, roll foreigners in their creations of water/power/gas/racism situation. We do not like any of the politicians, who involved in their dirty deeds foreigners – women/children, organize murder/torture/limits/foolishness in the name of race discrimination and power of criminality. We had our weekly court maintenance cheques in the Regional Ministry for 6 years – politicians unable to understand: whites are Humans, we had weekly cheques after 3-6 days. Now, we can count lawbreakers (with their accomplice of murder/torture foreigners) in their long row to bribery for our case. UNHCR, Abesim, B/A region are not an exception – expired date of our SOS and expectations.

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