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UN. Another set ups of life threats dedicated to us foreigners.

December 9, 2014

Polemical stage of hopelessness in the act of demand/plead to have Human/Women and Children Rights. We have a cage – we have no legal home and ways for safety. We have uncountable limits, no food. We call unlawful acts against us – Tortures. 

Imagine a bird without wings, fish without water to understand the matter of SOS trial. The majority have rights to have the sweetness in civilized life – my child and I have bitterness without light for a legal way to Freedom. We pray for whirlwinds of International support, we stay under duress in a darkness.
Secondarily limits, which important to never have – choice of foodstuffs/clothes/elementary needs. We are out of a comfort zone. Our skin reminds citizens of Ghana nothing but their poverty developments into instant wealth through our case, which for lawbreakers sell is going well for a long period of time officially. We need to erase borderlines and errors.

Gaffe time of my teen is seen today/yesterday as miserable – fly in a cage, fly between corruption/discrimination and racism/bribery of officials/leaders through opened floodgates with flourishing dreams of Freedom/Safe Political Shelter to leave unearth full of crime.

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