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Royal feast of extra nuts/zombies chicken hatches in golden mines after NPP-NDC’s hidden crimes.

August 9, 2014

My son and I – domestic refugees with a case in the region’s UNHCR (Abesim, B/A) since 2012. My Mother, my son and I gave our case in 2006 with SOS for justice/freedom/safe political shelter in the UK to Minister of Foreign Affairs Akufo-Addo (Presidential Candidate 2012/2016). NDC/NPP/others politicians (lawyers/police/security) made barriers for our freedom from tortures. We have ultimatums from the family member of my Mother’s murderer (Dr. Mensah Berkoh). We stay near the door of our cage – got goodies from Newmont’s archive in Melcom – our enemies had their certificates with our blood (made our properties as their foundation). May we eat from our enemies poor/temporarily food donation from Newmont/Green Hill clinic with inflation and no good value of Presidential Candidate’s court maintenance with NDC’s government and injustice against robbed white foreigners. Gold diggers of NDC/NPP/others racists gave to robbed white foreigners Zomby’s meat to eat as a poor (Ebolish) ‘sorry’ for the murder/their organized acts of smuggling white foreigners to West Africa/corruption/race discrimination in courts/death threats.

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