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Huge ‘differences’ between AU and EU Human Rights

November 20, 2013

Huge ‘differences’ between AU and EU Human Rights

Big words from EU/AU for public with lower attention for minorities with race discrimination syndromes. With the unity of corruption with lawbreakers, they cover with ground/covered murder/smuggling foreigners (legal safe political asylum seekers) in decades of torture. For us with harvest’s opinion, they are gold/wounds diggers. Individuals destroyed by racists in black/white colors. UNHCR keeps our case to freeze, the same as involving politicians/security did to my Mother under the influence of racism/secret unity of internal criminality. Corrupted officials/racists are praying for their luck of impurity, glitched our SOS/FREEDOM case for many years, nailed my Mother in a coffin with tortures in a morgue, wasted our good expectations of lawfulness. Big words of peace/justice from EU/AU – victims of injustice take as childish play (trust in a power of gods bleached in white/black case).

Did we regularly mind through our window smell of those nutters (Missionaries Icenogle) of their addictions to cannabis/racism? They called my son “Negro”. They blessed with their black reasons of hate/for their theft habits promotions since 2004/2005 (which uncovered by Court Prosecutor/Judges in Ghana since 2006), with that taxes thieves, almost dropped their white cholesterol over the area. Why did Prosecuting Officer instantly died with Missionaries appearance in 2012/2013 to rule the illegal school? Do I think Icenogle Negro’s with their non-washable mouths? I think so. Their fathers/mothers/others from that thieves family Negro’s with no reverse from mental therapists. Ok, can they represent Republican’s with such sorry reputations and dark minds/sheepskin? Nope. Al Qaeda’s Bible they use to pray for taxes evasion in everywhere they go. Police glad to look at such customers closely. Thieves (in utter nonsense) are friendly to Police bars. My child studied with a lack of food – those, swindled from tree to tree in despair, symbolized monkeys.

Let us concentrate on AU/EU invisible existence near our trial of justice/freedom achievements since 2006 with bunches of ‘buy off’ politicians including. With wasted by racists time and set ups in the process free murder in Ghana for the better need to have shortcut – the freedom trial (to get rid of parasites in our case). On our side, we need originally intelligent (none corrupted) whites, without fake officials with black minds stalkers on our Liberty ways/websites. Political clowns are organising their secondary barriers for our press briefings to UN through UNHCR (with our SOS to have a choice between death or life with instant leaving bloody Africa and thief/murderer of my Mother with his abortions/narcotics/sell of babies/body parts illegal business).

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