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Bog racism with polluted brains under the strain.

November 2, 2013

Bog racism with polluted brains under the strain.

Daily race discrimination in West Africa, Ghana. May we know their names to keep in a black book. May we know: from which they are tribes exactly and political party too (to keep them in a black box and put thorns on their ways to elections). Bordering racism in regulars is a second than issues of disposed law value’s. Officials/leaders hid crime since 2006 (officially), play retired/dismissed/dead/transferred, entertain themselves in Parliament (NPP’s political party former Regional Minister Baffour Awuah), in Algeria (or Libia) as Ambassador (NDC’s political party’s former Regional Minister Nyamekye-Marfo), in hot expectation of victory in an election (former Minister of Foreign Affairs Akufo-Addo as a Presidential Candidate of 2012, 2016). Officials/leaders put their unclean nose into our case, fetched cash to giggle through political cars windows, lead the nation to dig their graves with preaching for uneducated to stay busy to use racism/tribalism/discrimination/barbarism for unstable boat foundations, alone use national resources/donations of kind (wealthy) citizens/criminals to build entrance to entirely heavens. They are miserable monsters – with unity of criminals (NPP-NDC/others’s was organized torture of my Mother). They tranquilized elderly white woman to use her property with no return themselves/their names to life. My Mother, my son and I must be in Britain since 2006. Ghanaians politicians/their security played in front of high foreigner officials with silly ‘explanations’ of their violation of law: only crazy smuggled to Africa foreigners seek legal/international lawyers to have safety/justice and freedom from Africa. We need to say: only idiots able to cover the murder/theft of foreigners property/torture women and child. Every government’s officials are paying for Police/Attorney General/State Attorney/IGP/INTERPOL/BNI/Chief Justice/Regional Police Commander/Regional Ministers/other Ministers (no Human Rights with that for smuggled with setups of cheats poor/robbed foreigners-victims). Many of those disgusting politicians/leaders involved to our case, ate my Mother’s food. They are eating my child’s food to choke themselves with instant justice on their empty heads.
In some country’s corruption is a crime, officials required for their death penalties. UNHCR (Abesim, B/A) plays football with UN’s. Our petitions, SOS, introduction’s of covered crimes reports (which we send through UNHCR, Abesim), expect responses (since 2012), left somewhere shaded. Seem administration of UN refugees has limits of Human Rights for foreigners. Smuggling foreigners is prestige in Ghana with the satisfaction of race discrimination, arranged sets ups of death in a morgue and with multiple organized death threats with tortures of starvation with multiple disturbances to publish truths (at first to local and then, to international media).

Bribes were taken – no one of officials visible (they turned themselves into glitches/leeches/losers).

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