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No green light for freedom, no safety

September 17, 2013

No green light for freedom, no safety

Electrical problems are combining with life threats

Regular sabotage – the secondary issues after racism/discrimination/murder/theft of our property/corruption/bribery/legal smuggling foreigners to Ghana, organized sets ups of death threats.

Look carefully: crime’s of differences/familiarity of tortures between illegal human trafficking/smuggling foreigners through the jungle and legal through Ghanaian’s government’s. Corrupted politicians proud in their country with an internal/secret criminality of citizens. Politicians sent students to abroad to rob whites with official marriages on foreigners, organized theft of containers/all properties/savageness in murder/life threats with wild physical assaults, force of keeping foreigners, lack of Human Rights/lack of Women and Children Rights). We are political asylum seekers since 2006 (officially) – our case in UNHCR (Abesim, B/A region) since September 2012.

Current government political parties corrupted individuals Regional Minister Paul Evans Aidoo/Deputy Justice Samuel Adjei/Chief Director of Coordinating Council Felix CVhaahaah/Chief Accountant Eric Nyarko in the Regional Ministry got rid of us (foreigners) in April 2013 with 3 days of no weekly court maintenance cheque (after re-shuffling/after our 6 years passed with no light for Justice/for Freedom). We had weekly court’s maintenance cheques since 2007 through the Regional Police Headquarters Domestic Violence/Victims Support Units/through the Regional Ministers/Deputies/Chiefs accountants/Chief Directors of Coordinating Councils in the Regional Ministry with their delay for 3-6 days (the same as with current political parties officials in the Regional Ministry, Sunyani, Brong-Ahafo).

NPP’s political parties understood – the Police individuals happy with bribes/domestic violence against my Mother/my son and me. The Regional Minister Baffour Awuah with his Deputy Kwadwo Kwakye/Chief Director Coordinating Council Boateng took us to the Regional Ministry (2007). We expected Freedom since 2006 – the Minister of Foreign Affairs Nana Akuffo-Addo became a Presidential Candidate (2008, 2012, 2016), but he failed to win with his lawyers our case in the Brong-Ahafo region. My Mother was murdered in January 2008 with sent to the President Kufuor our SOS in November 2007. We became political asylum seekers/hostages, since 2012 officially sent SOS to UNHCR (Abesim, B/A). NPP-NDC separated foreigners victims of bribery/violence from the Police. Corrupted politicians/their security had the aim mute the murder, wanted us no give reports of complaint about the murder in police statements. Together, they are freely organized the murder of my Mother – gave drip, injection to my Mother on 21/01/2008, sent her to the morgue 22/01/2008, but she was alive, sent her to the cemetery on 24/01/2008 (with Regional Minister and Bureau of National Investigation involved), in their cheapest coffin. Political lawbreakers left my Mother in Ghana’s cemetery without identification.

2013 – government of NDC in the Regional Ministry at their ending of direct cheats (after useless/wasted 4 years with the power of lawbreakers in support the Regional Minister Kwadwo Nyamekye-Marfo/Deputy Eric Opoku/Chief Director of Coordinating Council Felix Chaahaah) organized latest/official death threats against my son and me (three days of starvation). NDC’s hid crime in a region, sent us back to the Regional Police Headquarters (DOVVSU) to we have from my Mother’s murderer weekly court’s maintenance cheques without demands of the Regional Ministry officials to pay them salary for delivering our cheques to the Regional Ministry. In Domestic Violence/Victims Support Units, we met again prosperous with bribed individuals (T.T -Tettey and Setina Aboagye).

Facts of the freedom trial of political murder/torture/death threats in a new level of domestic death threats. When we will get human rights and freedom?

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