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Trafficked have no LUXURY do not feel 21 Century

August 10, 2013

We do not expecting miracle of renovation – we waiting for UN/EU reply to leave like refugees.In 2007 Regional Security Committee left my mother,my son and me in house which was raised with cheats,forcibly taking from my mother finances in 1996,they did not give us legal documents for property as we are foreigners,they gave separation from my ex to stop domestic violence,but not divorce while marriage ended in 1994,keeping him out of prison,as he using income of raised with forcibly taking fro my mother finances private clinic to have more income with raising new buildings,employing his citizens to make stable leadership as violator of law,supplying 2 political parties since 1997 at the beginning with his abortions cash,they ignored our SOS for freedom,justice,political shelter in UK from 2006 when with life threats we reached Courts,ignored our complain about roof leakages,broken doors and pipes system..,they left us with power leakage and rat poison in our well water. Time passed,more life threats and more complications with discomforts we have with 2 political parties involved lawbreakers,they blocked our way to freedom with racism,feeding with my mother’s corpse cemetery’s ants as Ghana EU,UN,UNICEF,Interpol hid crime,grew corruption with bureaucracy,ignored us as we do not represent group,have no International support as an Europeans,staying like hostages as crime hidden,properties stolen,murderer free,his supporters bribed,weekly court maintenance checks murderer given us not in full amount trough Regional Police Headquarters (for 6 years through Regional Ministers),3 and half years did not pay our monthly court maintenance – Immigration taking our payment for residential permit to stay legally till possible to leave legally – I cannot have business as foreigner we cannot buy comfort with inflation,paying bills for torture,expecting civilized attitude to be free from ‘barn’,from tortures..

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