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July 30, 2013

Europeans in Ghana were cheated,robbed,murdered,struggling with unjust,racism in Courts and life threats what is against International Law Code. For my son was prescribed by non-paediatrician sleeping drug for all childhood time with domestic violence,same doctor prescribed to my mother medicine while he is not a cardiologist as he worked for private clinic with my separated in 2007 by Regional Security Committee ex,went to Regional Police Headquarters to beg Regional Police Commander to forgive his colleague to hid domestic violence and violator of law to keep us foreigners without food,with assaults,trapped with unjust,like hostages,use like slaves with trafficked to Ghana.President of Ghana from same tribe with my separated ex,left crime hidden with others involved. Ghana UN,UNICEF,EU,Interpol left crime unseen from 2006 when we officially alarmed with SOS for freedom,safe political shelter in UK,earlier we had no way to loud complain about torture. My mother was nailed in past government political party coffin – Regional Minister sent her to cemetery (my mother was kept in mortuary 2 days),went to Parliament. We do not knowing if my mother went into coma.Trust in Ghana officials,leaders,others we have not,because of racism,corruption put down all who became lawbreakers as they followed violator of law,exchanged their positions for bribes.  


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