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Thieves proud performance – victims have empty pockets

June 13, 2013

Thieves proud performance – victims have empty pockets

Racists are digging their gold from foreigners lands. Our property Dr. Berkoh stole with government’s plans for students sent to abroad ‘to study’. Political criminals swim in corruption, use second/third hands to produce their violent exclamations with swearing words full of hatred as daily entertainment in fools system FM. Money/political seats power can give them entrance to cocaine’s treasure in Dr. Berkoh’s clinic, which he did not register for my Mother – property stolen. The clinic became unclean home for lawbreakers – prostitution/abortions/narcotics business busted the law. Blacks grow fat on whites properties. Local wealthy lawbreakers able to buy with cheap political lawyers/police with the ‘aponchi’ (goat) to build their prestige in regions. The Police Commander Opare-Addo took bribes, play retired with others familiar to political parasites in power. Criminals for money chew each others necks and those, whose mind close to the cave, we are avoiding. We have no home, no country – International justice cost time/efforts/a chance of groups/countries. We are not friendly to racists/criminals, they mad on us – we do not care. Someday, thieves will give back stolen properties, became bankrupts in their prisons. Money silently grows corruption – no interpretation for corruption. Victims have empty pockets to talk to thieves – THEY UNDERSTAND NOTHING. They hate English, Britan and all who isolated from criminals. International support of Whites protects Human Rights of Whites. We are lonely with UNHCR (Abesim, Ghana) to talk about lawfulness.

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