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May 10 , 2013 . Another fake cheque as another life threats , tortures foreigners are free .

May 11, 2013

With memory of Soviet Union and our Russian identity ( with permanent leaving Leningrad , last city in Russian Kharkov ) the European Court of Human Rights can’t be able to mind victims trapped in the West Africa , with our identity , Independent relatives in the West Europe ? Matter of International Human Rights must be out of discrimination of victims rights to stay out of tortures and political disorder of corruption , of corrupted mind .
Insurmountable an African problems we cannot solve alone .
Someone powerful will nab criminals to set us free .
Think about starvation of mother and child (foreigners ) as an interest of blooming crime shown by officials friendly to bribes in the Police . Ndc’s government with Npp’s politicians hid the crime (theft property of foreigners , murder , life threats against foreigners , Inhumane hospitality , smuggling foreigners to the West Africa , racism in Courts , fake / force ‘marriage ‘ , lack of women and children rights , human trafficking ) . The government’s salary the Police have , They became slaves in government – they keep us victims of their country corruption with multiple acts of organized starvation , turn us into beggars . We stay in Ghana kidnapped by criminals , with their organized crime we are experiencing life threats . Those unclean officials use us for their experiments , observing suffering foreigners . They are interactive and dangerous . They are playing with our lives .

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