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The corruption existing in real

April 23, 2013

 Familiar errors in glitches of injustice. We are experiencing someone’s illegal procedure in a black and white case related to corruption/discrimination/security of lawbreakers. Truths opened in Centuries.

My child and I need instantaneous lawful results – we grow with protracted negotiations of our enemies, who kick off into the jungle day of our Freedom from Africa. Lawbreakers from NPP-NDC in Ghana use satanism against justice – my Mother’s murderer they shrouded with other racists, help him to use a shovel in the graveyard of victims. Diehards disturbing to media with new dimensions of crime with the dilapidated system. Politicians disgust their offices with corruption, nervous with reprimands, turning victims of human trafficking in docile animals. White foreigners unable to stay by own willingness between racists in West Africa, Ghana – we do not want a force of criminals. We feel bad in a horror continent. Many politicians involved, with corruption, appeared as scarecrows with cabbage heads in their farmed toadstools.

With our Worldwide related members – we are neutral to have best ways in life away from racists. British might have a perfect space for victims of race discrimination – Colonial problems we are experiencing in a current time from a bunch of cheap politicians in Brong-Ahafo region, Sunyani.

UNHCR (Abesim, B/A) close to corruption/racism, far from International UN to protect our Human Rights.

Racists hisses angrily their insults (rare whites available in Sunyani in a permanent stay of force). Ghanaian’s stole our property/time, blocked legal ways out, persuading to dig our graves. Politicians in Regional Ministry with their security supply with free cheapest coffins for their foreigners victims. My Mother was killed in a morgue, passed through that stage. We have no honest supporters.

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