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C. C. to UN through UNHCR (Abesim, Brong-Ahafo region) – Extreme violation of law In Ghana

April 20, 2013

With re-shuffle of politicians, hidden crime for 7 years became proper hiding by two political parties NPP-NDC’s and their security. New Regional Minister for corrupted officials Paul EvansAidoo/his Deputy Justice Samuel Adjei with an odd Chief Director at the Brong/Ahafo Regional Coordinating Council Felix Chaahaah threw us out of Regional Ministry after 6 years of our coming there with political invitations of officials. 2007-12/04/2013, we had in Regional Ministry weekly court maintenance cheques with officials corruptions in occurences with circumstances of complications. NDC’s government in Brong-Ahafo region (in Regional Ministry) pressed us, expected our payment (salary) from our court maintenance to deliver ‘on time’ our weekly court maintenance cheques from the Police Headquarters (DOVVSU). Lawbreakers with re-shuffling performed their Africa’s traditional method of racism in the Regional Ministry, on 19/04/2013 organized death threats, kept my child and me without food/water 3 days. Racists (REGIONAL MINISTER AIDOO/DEPUTY ADJEI/CHIEF DIRECTOR OF COORDINATING COUNCIL CHAAHAAH) played their discrimination against me and my child. They passed through school and lessons of previous NDC’s Regional Minister Nyamekye-Marfo/Deputy Opoku. Regional Minister Aidoo and his Deputy Adjei also played tribalism in Akan, freely laughed with saying swear words as: “Koo-wah-see-ah Mahama”. NDC’s in a region (in Regional Ministry) intentionally did not give us legal supports to justice/freedom, flying high with Dr. Berkoh’s free ‘paracetamol’ and election doping. Political racists did not give us weekly court maintenance cheque (with their closing time after 5 pm gave official out from the Regional Ministry back to NPP’s time of 2007 to Regional Police Headquarters DOVVSU bribed since 2005, 2006, 2007 individuals (T. T and Setina Aboagye). We had official out from Regional Ministry to the Regional Police Commander to have weekly court maintenance cheques from the murderer of my Mother, to do not talk about crime, because of is their continent no Human Rights for Whites. NDC’s political party in a region through Regional Ministry support the murderer of my Mother, keep free with their comforts, Immigration problem left unsolved. Wealthy criminals welcomed/united in a jungle of accomplices for every African racist/criminal in political power – sent out of corrupted building robbed in Ghana victims of violence/corruption/bribery/racism/discrimination/human trafficking. Eric Nyarko the Chief Accountant of Regional Ministry having FIRST position in Regional Ministry, Sunyani, B/A, with Chief Director of Regional Coordinating Council Felix Chaahaah. They are controlling Regional Minister/his Deputy, that happened with every year. Unfortunately, we became witnesses without our will – from 2006 our SOS corrupted politicians rejected, NPP’s Presidential Candidate’s case (our case) is hiding with racism in Ghana. My Mother, my child and I found racism in Ghana Courts. Trust in Africa foreigners impossible to have – for kenkey/got many will sell their soul to a Devil, kill their own mothers. Funerals in Ghana – happy celebrations of mating (some foreigners said). We do not follow the foreigner to us traditions of bribery/corruption/poor morality/theft. We need Human Rights for Whites to leave Africa immediately. Africans kept my Mother, my child and me without court maintenance in 2006-2007 for 58 days, left in Ghana as hostages. They are ugly monsters. Three and half years we had no monthly court maintenance (slaves salary) – Regional Ministers/Deputies/Chief Director of Coordinating Council unable to understand English, had envelopes with cash from Chiefs accountants (Sagoe, Nyarko) with every weekend. 2007-19/04/2013, Ghana politicians made us dependents of the Regional Ministry, Sunyani, through Regional Police Headquarters Domestic Violence/Victims Support Units kept us in Regional Ministry without weekly court maintenance for 3-6 days – bribed/corrupted officials/leaders made us dependents of the murderer of my Mother. Lawbreakers grew up smuggling foreigners, keep me with force marriage since 1994 – officially smuggled foreigners to Ghana with cheats, the government of Ghana keep with force. They grew crime with theft of foreigners property in legal human trafficking. No one disturbing them to steal/to kill/to torture foreigners women and children. The murderer of my Mother (her ‘son-in-law’ Doctor Nicholas Mensah Berkoh) provided us with no cheques or with fake cheques of weekly court maintenance through Regional Police/Regional Ministry. All whites must be very careful with African students, they can act as a plague to pass into someone’s hope to destroy, to rob, to kill. 3/06/2007, Regional Security Committee (REGSEC) sent Doctor Berkoh with furniture/TV out of raised with my Mother’s finances house (to his black ‘wives’, to stop domestic violence/direct death threats/to poison our water in a well/to organize power leakage in a house). We had a risk to die, our pet dog died with the same symptoms which we had. REGSEC in 2007 left my Mother without documents for house/for a private clinic ‘Green Hill’ (which was raised with her finances forcibly taking with cheats in November 1996). We have no entrance to private Green Hill clinic – Africa’s racists can eat us alive. We are not interested in criminals, they are official racists/lawbreakers. We need our freedom from tortures. AU support racists and criminals – none on our side. We need International support (all whites on our side). In Ghana, my Mother was tranquilized, sent to a morgue alive, buried by Regional Minister/BNI for SOS to President (Presidential Candidate took our case, NPP-NDC’s political criminals spoiled our case with racism, double death threats with our attempt to involve media). Media in Africa good only for blacks – whites no one support. Racism has no borders in Ghana with the black and white case. Theft of property/murder foreigners/threats of death/torture foreigners/physical assaults – corrupted politicians made legally free. Doctor Berkoh (the murderer of my Mother, is providing supply for NPP and NDC political parties, began from 1997 with abortions/narcotics business from Nsoatre clinic, freely grew with ‘Green Hill’ clinic administrator’s (Amoh Frimpong Monsoh) controls of prosperity of narcotics business to grow bribery/corruption in B/A region. They are buying officials/leaders to hide crime in Ghana. All are against our Human/Women and Children Rights and against International Law Code.

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