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Harvest with SOS for justice, freedom, safe political asylum (after 7 years).

March 21, 2013

Harvest with SOS for justice, freedom, safe political asylum (after 7 years).

With failure in our case all politicians involved directly to our SOS trial we forget about justice in the World of injustice in Africa, where every day is total hell (no matter how) we are trying to adapt little bits for abnormalities of bribery/corruption of officials/leaders and to discrimination/creepiness of human creatures who full of racism. My Mother’s murderer bought corrupted simple politicians with those politicians in police/security/lawyers positions. Left no one helpful – Administrative personnel and their security in UNHCR (Abesim, B/A) pressed by current government officials. Meanwhile, in a regional Ministry no one supports UN’s Human Rights INTERNATIONAL laws. Sometimes we more meditate in silence prayers to hibernate until Freedom day. In Africa, no one follows willingness of foreigners. Justice, freedom, safe political asylum for Ghanaians is the same as a nightmare with whites in dreams. Murder of the foreigner victim of racists/theft of my Mother’s property (my son’s and my property)/smuggling white foreigners to Africa/threats of death in organised sets ups against foreigners – favourite games of black criminals. Politicians send racists (Abeiku’s) to abroad to ‘marry’ white to rob, to bring properties for black. Human trafficking, forced marriages with murder/theft/torture/slavery will no paint Africa into white with using for entertainments faced the sorrow in cages of injustice without Independence and Liberty whites. If united racist kills your Mother, torture your children, steal  all your property, keep you and your children with a force in horror country, let me watch your face, which will as same as mine (no happy). No home, no country – no justice, no freedom. My Mother had deadly physical assaults from a popular racist between his abortions/narcotics clients politicians, others. She needed a wheelchair after internal bleeding and damaged body functions, moaned, wheezed with a chest pain with difficulties to breath and no medical professional help – politicians/police/lawyers/others calculated their bribes to drain our lifetime, digged my Mother’s grave. We have official SOS – they all simply idiots, made their country proud with that. My son and I are growing with daily injustice – UNHCR officially dimmed the light of Freedom/security/safety/subsidies since 2012 under influence from above. Current government officials stole my son’s home/schooling/time/friends/happiness/clothes in the Regional Ministry, with their government inflation expect salary from my child and me to deliver on time our weekly court maintenance cheque from the Regional Police Headquarters Domestic Violence/Victims Support Units from the murderer of my Mother (Doctor Nicholas Mensah Berkoh). THE MURDERER BOUGHT IN BRONG-AHAFO REGION NSOATRE POLICE WITH NPP-NDC’S REGION MEMBERS SINCE 1997 IN A REGION FROM NSOATRE TIME WITH SUCCESS IN ABORTIONS/NARCOTICS BUSINESS/HIS LOCAL FAMILY ENCOURAGEMENTS TO USE ILLEGAL CASH FOR UNIVERSITIES/VISAS/TICKETS TO ABROAD. With an illegal invitation of my Mother to Africa in November 1996 and her dollars with my dead marriage in 1994, they flew high in their society, built foundations, blocks for private clinic/house. Racists grew very well their criminality. They used my Mother’s car (she had nothing – no pension, no food). Racists needed more blood in a bloody business. What says your time? Not 1994 time, not yet Freedom time – it’s past time in a history of Ghana-Britain colonialism. My Mother, my son and I became witnesses and victims of racism/colonialism/discrimination/corruption/bribery/death threats. My son and I witnesses of murder and injustice.

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