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Africa-Russia-Ukraine-Africa – catch the whale with a hook (the African students in crime matter)

March 13, 2013

Yesterday I spent all what was left from food economizing in our pocket for payment for typing a petition of our daily complicated facts, met in taxi two ‘flaps’ from the past – from Doctors bungalow N 7 Medical village, Sunyani, after 15 years. They are not teens anymore, but still going for abortions to my separated ex (Dr. Berkoh) for raised with my mother’s finances clinic, where we are not welcome to have the income. Ghana authorities hold on economy establishment with theft of foreigners property with smuggling foreigners to Ghana, arranged false marriages, domestic violence, use for slavery, provide with poor slaves salary (monthly court maintenance since 2006 with reaching the court we became victimized more with racism in court’s rooms).

We can come there (maybe with having a bodyguard, or a gun, where in office my son’s picture in a school uniform of 2004-2005. Our enemies (Dr. Berkoh and his Administrator Amo Frimpong Monsoh) are keeping the picture for attraction clients, to fool them in psychological way, to spray lies around our names year after year, to perform better the murderer’s of my Mother career with sympathies for his color/unbearable duties to serve bribes for corrupted officials and our weekly court maintenance to us (not on time even through the Court, the Police and the Regional Minister/Deputy/Chief Director of Coordinating Council). Those type of old prostitutes looks fashion not like me with one skirt for all occasions. They have the long way to go for cosmetics/bags as client’s/sugar daddies given them the best, also their close age group boys given them fun in campuses and in every town they go.
They are full of happiness with doctor/contractor, who can please any of them as big cash available, drug too, instant cash for tickets to abroad, for cars…(for those who are easy/not heavy/temporarily).
They are flying with emptiness after abortions and narcotics painkillers, ready to return for more as marriage is their final landing after their intense rolling with old men over the beds in rooms until an age of 30-35. Then, to church they are going to show new clothes, to marry anyone.

Dr. Berkoh – the Killer of my Mother gives them entertainment as my Mother and I kindly helped him in Soviet Union to get his medical certificate, because of we were sorry for poor an African student. With that, he sneaked to our home with a plan to use us to send containers to Ghana. The custom allowed to the married students sends 2 huge containers at the end of student’s course.

Two containers we sent from Russia in 1993, one container from Ukraine (as he bitterly pleaded). With that, I lost my citizenship, my Mother, my 24 years of life (I was a teenager in 1989 and devil crossed my way). He was alright with containers, then wanted to fly to Ghana without me as money for my ticket he spent somewhere (for his secret programs: porn, drug and for prostitutes in dormitory on his adventures on Saturday’s-Sunday’s).

Doctor Berkoh’s colleague (Dr. Amankwa) borrowed him money to get rid of me in Africa (no one of my ‘husband’s’ family needed me or my babies). I was left accidentally alive after their life threats. They planned and invited my mother to steal all our properties for their development. They used us like slaves for work to get more clients for popular with racism Doctor. We were left for tortures trafficked, without property, without proper shelter, without safety and security.The Dr. Amankwa with another colleague Dr. Jones worked for Dr. Berkoh in Green Hill Clinic, which was raised with forcible taken, stolen from my Mother finances, they went to the Regional Police Commander Mr. Opare-Addo to plead with the Commander to grow domestic violence in the house, crime and bribery in their country. The racism and corruption in bloom. We had no food, had physical assaults, injustice against us foreigners.

Then next: the racists planned to kill us or damage our health to make disable, to keep our mouths shut and to we do not disturb corrupt politicians/officials to count their crime goals. We stay without our willingness in West Africa, Ghana, Sunyani B/A, Berlin Top

Next – my Mother was tranquilized on 21/01/2008, buried on 24/01/2008 by the Regional Minister and the BNI. They are very proud of their racism, physical assaults, gossips and starvation for us. They planned accidents. Our official SOS rejected by officials/leaders, because of we have lack of International protection, lack of finances to fight for justice to have freedom from racists, to have independents from the murderer of my Mother and safe political shelter in peaceful country.

Watch out, still everything in a process.

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