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The election in Ghana. Four days we (foreigners) have no weekly court maintenance cheque in Regional Ministry through Regional Minister/Deputy/Chief Director Coordinating Council/Regional Police Commander. No justice – no freedom. No food – no life.

December 7, 2012

Election. No food - no life.

The election in Ghana – it is affecting us foreigners hostages negatively. My son and I have to be beggars of food, water to pay back on Monday. We had some cash/donation from sympathizers, bought little foodstuffs, because of again corrupt politicians/racists left us with nothing. Meanwhile, since 2007 the officials/leaders made us dependents of the Regional Ministry, Sunyani, B/A (where we have to have our cheques of weekly court maintenance). Usually 3-6 days we had of tortures without weekly court maintenance repeatedly. The political problem occurred officially since 2006  – politicians from Accra became involved, took our trial. The Coordination Director of the Regional Ministry Felix Chaahaah probably from the previous political party. Since 2006 NPP with others hid crimes of human trafficking/rape/forced marriage since 1994/theft of property since 1994-1996/domestic violence/deadly physical assaults in 2006-2007/tortures/theft of our court maintenance for 58 days in 2006-2007/three and half years of no payment to us monthly court maintenance 2006-2010/racism in Ghana Courts in 2006-2007/facts of destroyed my son’s schooling since 2005/death threats. The Presidential Candidate in 2012 Akufo-Addo, who blocked my Mother’s, my son’s and my ways to Justice/Freedom/Political asylum in the UK though the EU (Ghana) in 2006, made justice invisible with bloody cash/with murder. They turned us into hostages. Two political parties (NPP/NDC) are manipulating with us to ‘win’ their election (what is unfair/uncivilized). Dr. Mensah Berkoh (the murderer of my Mother) as a separated ex the citizen of Ghana with theft of our properties, abortions/narcotics business in Ghana became a Millionaire. He is safe with bribed/corrupted officials/leaders, did not lost his medical certificate and did not reach a prison. Politicians/Police/lawyers/security continuously and deliberately hide crimes. Criminals in power praise the murderer of my Mother for racism/bribery spreading and for theft of my Mother’s property (which she had for 38 years of work in the Soviet Union with an inheritance of our white family). The racist supply black traditional old ‘wives’/officials with our foundation and income of all business buildings. We are not safe between lawbreakers. We are suffering from lack of International protection and with injustice. Africa’s tradition: rob/kill white foreigners to grow fat as Millionnaire. They can pinch victims/torture with starvation – political crimes got freedom in Ghana with decades of smuggling foreigners victims, SOS officially unseen by leaders. NPP/NDC’s plays big elections around white foreigners graves/cages. They ate our food, dismissed Human Rights the same as our Women/Children Rights. Corruption/bribery/racism every political party in Regional Ministry, Sunyani rebooting/made stable for their nation.


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