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Corrupt politicians in the West Africa, Ghana made our foreigners lives pity.

November 21, 2012

PITY-PITY – we cannot upgrade our position on WordPress. The credit cards we don’t have. Bills we pay from our court maintenance – nothing to have for tomorrows.

I wrote ‘abgrave’ – that was my true English, at the same time in Ghana many are suspecting, I’m British, treat whites badly (Dr. Mensah Berkoh murdered my Mother as a son in law with race discrimination motives to rob property/kill without punishment).

♥ My child is a professor in English/computer/Science (my best friend and helper). God also is helping us ♥

My child and I need freedom from the murderer/Africa – our case in UNHCR (Abesim, B/A). We need instant reply/freedom.

NPP/NDC’s officials/leaders had our SOS in 2006. Human trafficking of officially smuggled to Ghana white foreigners no one counted us a crime since 1993/1996. Racists framed with bars law in their courtrooms, footballs our education our liberty demands/Human Rights. Women and children rights lawbreakers ate with our SOS/food.

We complain about unjust – racists take our reports of violation of the law as their entertainment. Ukraine/Russia we left permanently – they can take our food money for passports renovation to leave us without wings in Ghana for laboratories experiments. Black and white case went higher with errors in justice. Good knowledge for others: marry white if you white, otherwise you will pass for our shoes. My Mother had Christian beliefs of equalities/was unaware about differences between blacks and whites. She was robbed/deadly physically assaulted/tortured/murdered in Ghana by Dr. Mensah Berkoh and his solicitors/his accomplices in crimes.

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