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Bugs + Water.

November 21, 2012

White foreigners unable to enjoy tortures in Africa – we are political asylum seekers officially since 2006. My Mother was murdered in 2008 for seeking Human Rights/justice/freedom from Africa – she was tortured by her son-in-law (Dr. Mensah Berkoh) since 1996 with theft of her property/savage physical assaults/slavery work in Ghana in her pension age. Meanwhile, my marriage ended in 1994 – the murderer of my Mother keeps all of us by force with bugs/racism in Courts/death threats/set ups of murder. NPP/NDC’s political parties blessed crimes, which committed in Ghana/in Africa. My child and I – domesticated in Regional Ministry hostages since 2007/domesticated refugees with a case in UNHCR (Abesim, B/A). Be careful, smuggling foreigners marked as ‘marriage’ in Ghana, with no divorce/no freedom through Presidential Candidate, whom we had in 2006/2007 as a Minister of Foreign Affairs. Blacks provide blacks with theft of all properties from white foreigners. INTERPOL (Ghana)/BNI covered crimes with Regional Police Commander Opare-Addo/Attorney General/IGP/Chief of Justice Georgina Wood/Minister of Interior/Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice Agyei since 2000/President Kufuor in 2007/ Chief Executive Director of the Human Rights Advocacy Center Oye Lithur with many others, who directly involved to our trial of freedom/justice/safe political shelter in the UK since.

Routine of corruption/racism/bribery/discrimination/murder whites/torture – rooted by racists in Ghana. We do not want their bugs – we want to have Liberty from thieves/murderers.

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