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Racism and bribes eroded corrupted officials/leaders minds.

November 21, 2012

Ghanaian criminals glutinous to white foreigners in abroad to ‘marry’ (with a secret plan to steal containers/to rob all property/to kill victims/witnesses). With following invitations, they are offering to carry horror situations in Ghana for their victims of human trafficking/smuggling to the West Africa. My Mother, my child and I met injustice. We stay by a force – no legal out. Savage/traditional of blacks – popular hobbies of crimes (theft of foreigners property/racism in courts/physical assaults/bribery/corruption/tortures/murder/death threats dishonest politicians/their security made as constant blessed by Evil income for themselves). We became hostages/domestic refugees with cracked walls in our cage of unjust. We have from my Mother’s murderer Dr. Mensah Berkoh poor donation in weekly court maintenance cheques in the Regional Ministry, Sunyani, B/A since 2007 through Regional Police Headquarters Domestic Violence/Victims Support Units and through Regional Ministers/Deputies/Chief Directors of Coordinating Council/chief accountants of NPP/NDC’s political parties. Our SOS for safe political asylum left in EU’s involved in Accra – we had discrimination in many of those officials offices. We had parched replies as white political asylum seekers in the UK with a case of justice/freedom of the Presidential Candidate in 2012/2016 (Minister of Foreign Affairs Akufo-Addo, who was Attorney General of Ghana 7/01/2001-April 2003, in 2006-2007 kept my Mother, my son and me without court maintenance for 58 days with NDC’s lawyer Wiredu Peprah in assistance to given us lawyers Twumasi Awuah/Mattew Appiah). We have no slaves salary (monthly court maintenance) for three and half years since 2006 as a punishment for media involved. Now, blacks against whites made sets ups of multiple creepiness in Ghana. They made black justice to keep us white foreigners domesticated, without our agreement to stay even one second or more in Africa. Racists are playing forced marriage to keep white foreigners with force, like slaves (without nutrition food/with limits/with dead marriage in 1994/with dead in 2005 schooling in Africa for my Millennium/with a grave for my Mother and no identity, because of Regional Minister Baffour Awuah (NPP) buried crime with BNI/Ghana INTERPOL, went to Parliament/Bureau of National Investigations Marcus Plus (NDC) buried my murdered in a morgue Mother in their coffin, got support’s of all Africa. We need International support for Whites Human Rights to have independence from political criminals/from their barns/coffins.

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