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The murderer of my Mother multiplied lawbreakers. Officially stolen nutrition/nourishing food from my child, stolen home/schooling by the Minister of Foreign Affairs (2006-2007)/Presidential Candidate Nana Akufo-Addo (with facts of his stimuli in Sunyani murder with racism in Courts/double death threats for white foreigners with a lack of justice/freedom/safety/independence).

October 27, 2012

We had new life threats in the house from Doctor Mensah Berkoh. He did not pay to us the court maintenance 58 days. Lawbreakers with unity of the racism stole my Mother’s property/her pension, stole our monthly court maintenance for three and half years. From the Regional Minister Baffour Awuah and a member of REGSEC (Regional Commander of BNI Marcus Plus), we got a free cheapest coffin for my Mother, who was murdered in Ghana for her attempt to have Human Rights. We got life threats, racism in Ghana – racism in their Courts instead of justice and freedom from the West Africa. NDC’s government made the most significant improvement on injustice with a racism in Regional Ministry (Sunyani, B/A) since 2009. My child and I had no weekly court maintenance on time 3-6 days with an internal error in the Regional Ministry of NPP/NDC/others. The theft of foreigners property/murder of a corruption victim/smuggling white foreigners to Ghana and torture officially available. We are seekers of political asylum/shelter. My child and I need peaceful land to have safety and home – lawbreakers keep us with a force/without our willingness/with injustice. Racists organized complexes of tortures and limits. We stay near cage’s closed door, feel bad with that (International advocates must come on our rescue).

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