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2012 – The Regional Minister Nyamekye-Marfo, Sunyani B/A. Again life threats – 3 days no weekly court’s maintenance. Politicians busy for elections – Foreigners-dependents they torture with starvation. Politicians used racism in courts with corruption (left us to starve, turned us into hostages/beggars of foodstuffs). Do you think European Court for the Human Rights able to assist victims of political disorder in Ghana in Human Rights for foreigners as we have Russians identity/left Russia and Ukraine?

October 20, 2012

Another report to the Regional Minister

Weekly court’s maintenance (weekly cheques), we have through Regional Police Headquarters Domestic Violence/Victims Support Units in the Regional Ministry since 2007 – not on time and not in full amount.

Malnutrition with no food at all/with poor food. Do you know the heartbreaking sound of a growling stomach of my growing son? We better stay in the UK with our official SOS for justice/freedom/safe political shelter since 2006.


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