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We cannot risk any longer – we cannot trust the officials.

September 19, 2012

My Mother expected to have justice/freedom/human rights – got a coffin.

My Mother had tonnes of insults at 5 am from son-in-law (her murderer – Doctor Mensah Berkoh) for using electricity to pump water to the house and for refilling reservoir once a day (twice in a dry season). Our heads were round – Doctor Mensah Berkoh shouted insults for all the street for my Mother. He used us (white foreigners) as slaves in Ghana. The water level raised up in a rainy season (what made him super mad), the electrical motor sunk and became faulty. Another problem was in a dry season – the water did not flow. The plumbers fixed the motor back, down into a deep well.
Doctor Mensah Berkoh (my past/separated in 2007 by the REGSEC ex) used the Green Hill clinic (which was raised with my Mother’s finances income) to send to abroad his family members and unstable authorities to hide his domestic/public crimes. He also paid for visas/tickets for his ‘girlfriends/boyfriends’ and bought for them cars/built houses. He fooled his country’s name with the theft of my Mother’s property to raise up himself and the citizens (pleased corrupted politicians and bribed Police). With the clinic income he raised others buildings to have bigger profit, blocked our official way to justice/to freedom. Doctor Mensah Berkoh (the murderer of my Mother) stuck us the foreigners with injustice and secondary’s issues.
We needed for the well an electrical modern motor to fix into the water to have freedom from some part of pressure in a trap. Many were involved (those gave some influence on Dr. Berkoh). We had finally a respectful pump. At 5 am my Mother went outside, used an electrical switch to pump the water, stood until water from reservoir started to drop down. Dr. Berkoh did not care about comfort with buying simply water level regulator for the reservoir. He opened tapes in his bathroom, locked his bedroom to flash all the reservoir’s water into the gutter after his bath and went to the private clinic. We had no water to use, complained to racist’s relatives, colleagues and the Police. They advised him.
2007 – the Regional Security Committee (REGSEC) sent Doctor Mensah Berkoh from built with my Mother’s finances house. We found toxic in our compound well’s water, had a risk to die. My mother, my son, my and our pet dog had the critical level of health condition. We suspect my separated ex who had many attacks/attempts to kill us. We suspect two members of the REGSEC: the Regional Police Commander Opare-Addo and the Regional Commander of Bureau of National Investigation Plus. They hid human trafficking/physical assaults/slavery/torture foreigners/life threats/theft of white foreigners property/murderer of my Mother in 2008/discrimination/racism. They hid an abortion/narcotics dealer, the murderer and thief from facing the law. The previous/current government involved politicians we also suspect as they follow wealthy Doctor/criminal since 1997. He used my Mother’s property to come out of the poverty stricken level, came out of the clay hut. Doctor Mensah Berkoh use abortions/narcotics business to control the B/A region/Ghana with cash/medical certificate/medicine. With the Green Hill clinic income with accompany of Administrator Amoh Frimpong Monsoh he put lawyers/politicians/Police down on their knees.
The Water Company gave advice to pump out of well poison water. We do not have the equipment to do that. Our pet dog died at once. Veterinary Doctors had no experience in rescue/had no medical chance’s/had no will. My Mother also did not survive after physical brutal deadly assaults. On 21/01/2008 she had deadly injection/drip from Doctor Aaron Asare (NDC), who is a colleague of Doctor Mensah Berkoh. Earlier, my  Mother needed the wheelchair after savage physical assaults of Doctor Mensah Berkoh on 19/02/2006 but was no ways to have it/to leave Ghana/was no professional medical help. She used a stick to walk slowly with holding the walls/sat to rest/leant to the wall to rest. My Mother had destroyed internal organs, still she was helpful to take care about her grandchild/to help in the kitchen for all of us. I went to BNI/Police/courts/Regional Ministry. After successful attempts of organised murder, the colleague of Doctor Mensah Berkon (Doctor Aaron Asare) delayed with his coming to our house instantly at next day (on 22/01/2008). My child and I alarmed about the horrible situation as my Mother had a coma in the evening, only her fingers she used to response for our calls/for questions. We burst into tears without showing to keep her strong. Doctor Aaron Asare with his wife lives in our area (not far). They came, sent her to the Regional hospital’s morgue and they got rid of us (we ran away – we scared). In that day morning,  my Mother was not able to eat/to walk without our help – we suspected that Doctor Aaron Asare tranquillized her, he sent her to the morgue on 22/01/2008. The Regional Minister B/A Baffour Awuah/Regional Commander of the Bureau of the National Investigation Marcus Plus (the member of REGSEC) with hands of Regional Ministry’s workers buried my Mother in their political parties cheapest coffin in 2 feet hole (which cemetery’s watchman did not finish to dig, but politicians were in hurry). They left my Mother in Ghanaian’s cemetery without identity, buried my Mother’s SOS in November 2007. My Mother wrote a plea for justice/freedom/human rights to the President of Ghana Kufuor, which American Missionaries Kim/Chris sent to Accra with my petition-reminder to Minister of Interior. Our 2006 official trial of justice/freedom/political asylum to the UK through EU assistance with Minister of Foreign Affairs Akufo-Addo (the Presidential Candidate of NPP) got white victim’s corpse as a result of injustice in the region/in Ghana/in Africa. We believed in equality in Courts/we believed in justice, but not any longer. We need freedom/International support for Human Rights of Whites.
The Director of Food and Drug Board/Director/Manager of Water Company/others were alright – we washed dishes, clothes and we bathed with poison water. We had no help to have safety. We buy water to cook and drink. In 2011, the pump was destroyed by the VRA with regular power failures. The area transformer had problems (which effected our power supply in a house and we struggle with another life threats – power leakage since 2007). Another transformer VRA fixed near the house of Domestic Violence/Victims Support Units Police worker T. T (who got a house in Asenua no ase junction to cover crime case since 19/02/2006, which reached Attorney Department’s building, stolen with other dockets by Chief of Attorney Department Robert Beke).
With the Regional Minister of NPP assistance, we got the public water pipes in front of our house. With the Regional Minister of NDC, we got the water pipes connection to our house. We paid with our court maintenance. Regional Ministry’s economic planning officer did not follow instruction of the Regional Minister or followed instructions – pipes for the reservoir was not connected. Meanwhile, the Water Company workers seem to be cleaned with a BLEACH toxic in our reservoir and we paid for cleaning/connection. We bought the water level measure regulator, which yesterday I sent back to the shop and used money for foodstuffs/replaced the damaged bulb after low voltage problems/replaced spoiled son’s house sleepers for new.
We need freedom from tortures. We are political asylum seekers since 2006. I had tried to leave Ghana in 1994 with dead marriage after arriving to Ghana in September 1993. My Mother and I had tries to leave Ghana in 1996 with her arriving to Ghana. We had race discrimination/life threats/physical assaults from Doctor Mensah Berkoh/his citizens, who tortured my Mother. Racists tortured my Mother, my child and me without food not officially/officially. We had no weekly court maintenance cheques for 3-6 days through the Regional Police Headquarters DOVVSU-WAJU, Sunyani/through Regional Ministers of NPP/NDC/Deputies/Chiefs accountants/Chief Directors of Coordination Council. With the High Court Judge Ato Assan/the Presidential Candidate Akuffo-Addo’s lawyers: Chief Executive of Municipal Assembly Twumasi Awuah/Matthew Appiah, we had no court maintenance 58 days .
Doctor Mensah Berkoh did not pay us also monthly court maintenance (slaves salary) for three and half years. No compensation. In High/Circuit Courts, we met in Ghana the racism instead of Justice. The murder/torture white foreigners/theft of white foreigners property – national habits in Ghana. The bribery/corruption/smuggling white foreigners to Ghana – ordinary issues.


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