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Illegal abortions and pethidine usage for abortions clients/others Dr. N . M . Berkoh made legal in B/A region since 1997. He, with his very bloody hands very confident with bloody cash in Sunyani, Ghana, West Africa.

September 19, 2012

Abortions/narcotics center as manure birds house.


Near our house, doctor Mensah Berkoh made the incomplete boys’ quarters according to the plan of the murderer his ‘ABORTIONS CENTER’ for all the region. Now, it the swallows house (until we will leave Ghana like refugees). Regional Security Committee (REGSEC) did not leave to my Mother the documents for raised with her dollars the clinic and the house. The corrupt politicians did not leave to us choices in 2006 in the Courts full of racism. We do not have justice, freedom, and safe political asylum. We are not free from life threats in Ghana. Doctor Mensah Berkoh has more popularity with his committed organized acts of a murder of my Mother/his theft of her property, with torture my child and me. We seek International assistance to have the freedom immediately. We are political asylum seekers since 2006.
Doctor Mensah Berkoh had many times attempts to kill me and my child. He suffocated my son’s neck in October 2006 for our petition to the Minister of Health ‘Abortions mania destroyed the marriage’ (for one of many reasons for divorce/for media and to the High Court Judge Ato Assan with dead marriage in 1994). Injustice with internal corruption stinks nearby. We have an allergy for inconvenience/discomfort/limits/internal corruption of officials, which the same as birds products/dust in dry seasons of freedom expectation. No good air over Africa from Ashanti/Ghana-British Collonialism.

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