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September 18, 2012

ABC… HARM. A. 2007 Regional Minister,Chief of Justice were OK with cheats of doctor-millionaire-my separated ex,his lawyer and private clinic administrator when they lied in 2006,2007 in Courts about electricity bills payment.They all wanted to keep my mother,my son&me in darkness as we’re foreigners. With unjust they trapped us,made dependents of Ghana left with power leakage,screws of switches,sockets in the house shocked us,hairdryer burnt in my son’s hand,iron burnt in my mother’s hands,when socket gave sparkles – 2 rice cookers we lost…We had risk to die,left with no choice – we used our court maintenance to pay for that who invited us to Africa for his big arrears to have light. All electrical equipment what we bought with our slaves money – later monthly court maintenance had no repairable damages with regular pressure of high-law Voltage,power failures what pushed us to take on credit fridge,TV. B. 2010 With Regional Minister of new government assistance&team which was sent 5 times by Director of Volta River Authority we got rid of power leakage. C. 2011 Low Voltage regularly melted our fridge,was impossible to keep our food. D. We complained about power problem – transformer in area was changed twice,we had same issue again and again,only our house sabotaged,neighbors having outside light,while we had/have ‘disco light’ blinking for hours,then coming back to normal,some place starters,bulbs demand regular replacement after dirty games of morons. E. 2012 Volta River Authority worker behave uncivilized,stole our money-monthly payment for power&our prepaid meter card. We complained to Regional Minister,Director of Volta River Authority,with assistance of Deputy of Regional Minister we collect back our prepaid meter card,receipt of monthly power payment was given too. F. We got blockage to National Investment Bank as racist disturbed us again and again to have peaceful monthly payment for power. G. Day before yesterday,yesterday,tonight we have low Voltage,blinking light in room as racists treating us unfairly with their bushy hospitality.


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