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My Mother, my child and I had risk to die in the middle of 2007. Our pet dog died with the same symptoms, which we had – swollen body, total weakness and instant anemia. We had toxic in a well water (in deep hole of shaft) after past government and NPP-NDC’s political parties the lawbreakers as Twumasi Awuah involved with violence in the house and with our plea for justice and freedom, with our seek of International support/human/ women and children rights; in time when was stopped domestic violence in the house by the Regional Security Committee Sunyani B/A. The REGSEC made separation from my ex with dead marriage in 1994 and no legal divorce through the High Court even in 2006. REGSEC stopped dr. Berkoh’s direct life threats against us the foreigners, sent him to his traditional wives with our TV, decoder and furniture out of my Mother’s house with no leaving to her the documents for property – the house, two buildings of the Green Hill Clinic. Was no given to us independence and freedom. Was no given to us the share, my child had no inheritance, meanwhile Dr. Berkoh used private clinic income for bribes payment, for buying cars, for building new buildings, for visas and tickets to abroad. Was no given to my Mother compensation for stolen by him property, for lost with an invitation to Africa the pension since 1996, for private clinic income since 2000 (with authorities was closed dr. Berkoh’s abortions and narcotics business in Doctors’ bungalow 7 in the Medical village with media involved, with the Police alarm in the middle of 2000 of authorities arriving dr. Berkoh sent everything to the dr. Amankwa’s garage to perform his bloody business successfully. With triumph was opened Green Hill Clinic). We are not welcome there. REGSEC with separation did not mind – my Mother had no compensation for car Ascona Opel BA 65-45 C (which dr. Berkoh used since 1997 hit in Nsoatre Baffour Awuah to meet the Police, to pay with abortions and narcotic business to some of NPP-NDC’s political parties members and to Police to keep the region under control. Later, he stopped use my Mother’s car, gave to anesthetist Mensah to easier commit illegal operations at night in Green Hill Clinic, now unknowing taxi driver is using the car). The lawbreakers (politicians and security with others involved) concreted the theft – my containers stolen by dr. Berkoh in 1993, my Mother’s property stolen (taken with cheats, lies and force, with invitation to Ghana to ‘care grandchildren’). Our freedom plea for justice and freedom since 2006, left to pend with the racism and human trafficking in Ghana Courts, with more tortures for us the foreigners. In 2006, we had NPP’s political party’s lawyers (Chief Executive of Municipal Assembly Twumasi Awuah and Matthew Appiah from Twumasi and Associates) from the Minister of Foreign Affairs (the Presidential Candidate) Nana Akuffo-Addo. But those ‘sorry for justice’ lawyers’ with others their citizens nailed my Mother in a coffin in January 2008. Many played politics in 2006 against us the foreigners with dr. Berkoh’s lawyer Wiredu Peprah from NDC’s political party. They took bribes from dr. Berkoh (the murderer of my Mother), organized racism in Sunyani High Court 3 and in Circuit Court ‘A’ against us the foreigners. My Mother , my child and I had savage physical assaults with the threats of death from dr. Berkoh for the Editor The Chronicle involved and the report to the High Court Judge and to the Minister of Health “Abortions mania destroyed the marriage ” (one of 1000 reasons to divorce) . We had not monthly court’s maintenance (slaves salary’) for three and half years for media involved – dr. Berkoh almost suffocated my child, who protected my life. My Mother had more than before physical assaults – dr. Berkoh wanted to kill us (but witness was in the house – the teacher from non-registered in 2004-2005 the Missionaries Jenifer/Stephen Icenogle’s school. They paid bribes to the Municipal Assembly to Chief Executive (the lawyer Twumasi Awuah), who hid the crime, served to the Devil). My Mother, my child and I had not court’s maintenance for 58 days – with double life threats from dr. Berkoh and those, who covered him (Administrator of Green Hill clinic Amoh Frimpong Monsoh/the Regional Police Commander Opare-Addo/ASP Amoako. Many involved: Minister of Interior/ Minister of Women and Children Affairs Hajia Alima Mahama, Minister of the Foreign Affairs Nana Akuffo-Addo, Chief Justice Georgina Wood, Ghana EU Secretary and Francis Asamoh, BNI Regional Commander Marcus Plus and his previous colleague Maxwell, State Attorney, Attorney Department. Many hid crimes: Judges Atto Assan and Debrah, Chief Executive Director of the Human Rights Nana Oye Lithur, others. Regional Ministers Baffour Awuah (NPP) left our foreigner case for Nyamekye-Marfo (NDC) and their Deputies Kwadwo Kwakye and Eric Opoku of NPP-NDC’s political parties with some others include Regional Ministry’s Chiefs Directors of Coordinating Council Boating (NPP) and Chaahaah (NDC), chiefs accountants Sagoe (NPP) and Nyarko (NPP-NDC)… With current NDC’s government Regional Minister’s assistance the Water Company with our payment in 2011 made house pipes connection to the public water pipe. High pressure of water supply burst the house pipes. Manager of Water Company Fofie Adjei promised to send the plumbers one year ago.

September 17, 2012

Had toxic in water in our well from middle of 2007 after past government,with current government Regional Minister’s assistance Water Company with our payment in 2011 made house pipes connection to public water pipe – high pressure burst house pipes,Manager of Water Company promised to send plumbers one year ago.

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