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Political lawbreakers rejected SOS/Human Rights of foreigners in Accra-Sunyani, in Ghana, West Africa.

September 15, 2012

Political lawbreakers rejected SOS/Human Rights of foreigners in Accra-Sunyani, in Ghana, West Africa.May, 2009. My son and I had the life threat accident – big vehicle KIA recently reversed from parking near the Barclays bank. My child and I were in a taxi. The driver stopped on a main road in front of the red traffic light – he maneuvered the car with a green light. Only our back door was scratched. The driver had payment for car maintenance. We also paid him 100 Dollars for saving our lives. The driver sold a taxi, worked as computer designer for those, who he knew before. One of them a classmate to the one Milicent Odoi (who sold to Dr. Berkoh stolen goods for abortions by her mother from the Municipal Hospital ). The past and separated by the REGSEC ex (Dr. Berkoh) used those (whatever their names). In the office, helpers typed our petition to Bureau of National Investigation (BNI), printed with shocking disinformation, corruption of the issue (which turned facts upside down and against us). We had a trust in someone, who saved our lives (Bismark Kombat). We passed into the trap in May 2011 accidentally, or maybe with our opponents payment. 2009 – accidentally passed for our trust, the ‘Savior’ recommended his friend-male to send through the FAX our Application to Accra to Ambassador of France (where was received just blank without text). The same trusted one was helpful to direct us to his friend-female to have our service in Fed-Ex – we had no positive result. We had only a name of unknown security (who took correspondence addressed to the Ambassador ). We stopped to keep our polyethylenes with foodstuffs in the office of our ‘Savior’ in a difficult day of our weekly court maintenance shopping our poor foodstuffs. We found in the Internet unclean web sites attendance of our ‘friend’ (who is chasing foreigners m/f, dating every available). His boss’s ‘daughter’ usually insulted me and tired with (those) sick minded racism and discrimination. I was quit with their ‘creepy help’. She scratched a piece of my skin in Ghana Independents day. They paid for the anti-tetanus shot. ‘Trusted’ left his work. That, who scratched me played racism and politics (from NDC’s political party), also blocked the supermarket with her coming there to disturb the peace in our court maintenance day. The local’s attitude we cannot change for normal. We do not like to be around them at all. We need Human Rights to have the freedom from the West Africa (with a legal way to leave as refugees). Who can pay for our wasted time? We cannot trust Ghanaian’s – all the same racists and corrupted (those, who we met had no lawful and peaceful mind, for money they hid the crime in Ghana). The Politicians came to have their typing and copies, our text was damaged by the politicians, the servants of Dr. Berkoh made problems. Some years ago the ‘trusted’ one confessed: he typed court papers for the Legal Aid’s lawyer Kwame Gyan Konto (who we had as we searched at the beginning of 2006, but the Regional Police Commander Mr. Opare-Addo lied about not existence the Legal Aid lawyers in Sunyani (to use the violence for his prosperity until our death). The Regional Police Commander gave us the lawyer from Kumasi Marian Gyasi. She needed instant cash, delayed. We had no money for food and for my child’s teachers – Dr. Berkoh hid all land’s documents. We had food money and teachers payment through the Regional Police Commander Opare-Addo, in his office from Dr. Berkoh (the murderer of my Mother). The Administrator of Green Hill clinic Amo Frimpong Monsoh brought the cash, gave regular apologies and excuses to the Police Commander, arranged the date in the evening to pay from Dr. Berkoh ‘apologies’, to continue the violence in the house with the torture foreigners in their country. From the Minister of the Foreign Affairs (Presidential Candidate) Akuffo-Addo, we had the lawyers: Chief Executive of Municipal Assembly Twumasi Awuah (Dr. Berkoh’s client) and Mattew Appiah (Twumasi and Associates). They, (with Dr. Berkoh’s lawyer Wiredu Peprah) kept us with their racism in a Courtroom and played their NPP-NDC’s political parties unclean games to waste our time. My Mother suffered in pain with deadly physical assaults of Dr. Berkoh – until the colleague of Dr. Berkoh one Dr. Aaron Assare tranquilized (killed her in the morgue in January. 2008). 2006 – those lawyers took bribes from Dr. Berkoh, kept my Mother, my child and me tortured (with death threats, without weekly court maintenance 58 days and three and half years we had no payment of our slaves salary – monthly court maintenance). Lawyers were against our complaints to the BNI and Police. They kept my civil case in one with my Mother’s. They hid the crime (the same as the BNI and the Police did). The Legal Aid lawyers Kwame Gyan Konto, his worker Nikatia Apraku became ‘disable’ (they wasted my Mother’s my son’s and my time), because of before them lawyers given by the Minister of Foreigner affairs Nana Akuffo-Addo (Presidential Candidate) made justice not accidentally dead.The Security of corrupted politicians are glitching themselves to get their salarieswith bribed Police individuals. Racism/discrimination stable in Ghana. The crime combat unspecified.

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