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My son and I had a best friend – my Mother. We had no power protect her, to save her life from the murderer.

September 11, 2012

My son and I had best friend,had no power to save her life,politicians spoil our way to freedom,political shelter

My son and I had a best friend – my Mother. We had no power protect her, to save her life from the murderer.


Doctor Berkoh with the redwood stick and power of a racism savagely physically deadly assaulted my Mother on 19/02/2006, threw her on the street from her house and compound. Doctor Berkoh robbed my Mother to have his car, lands, houses, private Green Hill Clinic in Sunyani (Abesim barrier ). She had daily health deterioration, had heavy pain in the chest , was not able to sleep in recumbent position , had difficulties to breath , needed urgent professional medical help , needed a wheelchair , civilized country to live long life . She had no food on time, she had heart failure and heart attacks in Ghana. We had no International protection. We had unsuccessful tries to have the human rights, security with total freedom from the doctor Berkoh, from his abortions and narcotics clients, from their racism. We dreamed to have women and children rights. We dreamed to be free and independent from the West Africa. The corrupt politicians and bribed Police very confident with a cover of their unclean deeds, they shielded themselves with the Security personal. They spoiled our way to justice, to freedom and to a safe political shelter. With the doctor Berkoh’s unity and his bribes donation, they destroyed my Mother’s heart functions. She passed through inhumane hospitality in Ghana. My Mother was used for slave’s work suffered from the torture of Doctor Berkoh’s violence, had life threats, had his and his colleague’s wrong medicine. They prescribed tons of medicine, which was harmful. The Ghanaian’s racists performed set ups of the murder of my Mother. She was tranquilized on 21/01/2008, sent to a morgue alive on 22/01/2008. The Regional Minister Baffour Awuah with the member of the Regional Security Committee Bureau of National Investigation Marcus Plus buried my Mother in their political parties the cheapest coffin on 24/01/2008. The current government with the security also keeps the theft of the foreigners property, human trafficking, racism, murder, and torture the foreigners as a secret.
In Ghana my Mother had heart failure, had life threatening conditions, had no professional medical help, handled the violence and tortures with difficulties. My mother left in our memories with usual shortness of breath, swollen body, wheezed sound of breath. After visiting the private hospital of doctor Aaron Asare the next day, she was not able to eat, to walk alone, had a shivered arm after hospital’s drip, had frothy foam and became unconscious. She was sent to the Regional hospital’s morgue by the same doctor the colleague of my separated in 2007 by REGSEC ex. I cannot get the divorce from 1994 – the politicians, Police, lawyers and Security officially had failure since 2006. In the Courts, we met racism, in the house double life threats with no court maintenance for 58 days. The corrupt politicians feel good on their seats in the Parliament – one of them former Regional Minister Baffour Awuah , his political partner Akuffo-Addo destroyed our way to justice and freedom in 2006 with his post of the Minister of the Foreign Affairs, became a Presidential Candidate in 2012 … . The current government became an accomplice in the Regional Ministry to previous government with all mixed political parties. They kept us starve for 3-6 days without weekly court maintenance. The tortures accelerated by doctor Berkoh with a multiple root as a disease of the racism. Sometimes my son and I wonder if my Mother awakens in the morgue . We are feeling not well about hopelessness.

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