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The E-mail we sent to the US Ambassador in Ghana. Probably, the e-mail Ghanaian’s security received – we did not have the response.

September 4, 2012

Pleading for having safe political asylum

Tatiana Berkoh

Aug 23 (11 days ago)

to pressaccra

Dear Mr. Donald G. Teitelbaum, My son Bryan Berkoh and I – Tatiana
Berkoh are pleading to have safe political asylum in the USA.
Sir, we’re victims/witnesses of domestic violence, threats of death, race
discrimination and inhumane hospitality. My Mother Pritula Raissa was
invited from Ukraine to Ghana, was robbed, suffered from savage
attacks, deadly assaults of the son in law – dr. Nicholas Mensah Berkoh, had
no urgent, professional medical help, died with destroyed internal
organs in a morgue. She was buried in 2 feet hole by former Regional Minister Mr. I. Baffor
Awuah, who is in the Parliament. My son and I survivors, have no tomorrow in
Ghana, where we did not find justice, human, woman and children rights.
Ghanaian politicians officials, leaders with bribes, corruption covered
crimes since 2006, one of them Twumasi Awuah – we had him from Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Nana
Dankwa Akuffo-Addo, who is Presidential Candidate in 2012. Lawbreakers in B/A kept us
foreigners without court’s maintenance for 58 days, tried to stop us from
alarming of domestic violence to Police, to BNI, wanted to keep our
bruises unseen. I did not get divorce while marriage ended in
1994. Lawbreakers left us to keep like hostages without legal way to
leave, made us dependents of their country, turned into beaten beggars
of weekly court’s maintenance cheque, which we have not in full amount as
a punishment for sent criminal case to Court, for tries to publish given
to High court’s judge Mr. Ato Assan with one of the reasons to have divorce –
the petition, which we sent to Minister of Health “Abortions mania
destroyed the marriage.” For that, my son had a risk to die, protected
me, was suffocated by hands of dr. N. M. Berkoh, who madly attacked us to
kill to keep the truth out of media, wildly assaulted my Mother when she
had step to death, had damaged internal organs/critical health condition with heart failure and murderer’s
earlier assaults. My child’s teacher saved our lives, was
injured, afraid to come again, I was also physically assaulted several
times. We have no protection, no future in Ghana.
My child’s schooling was spoiled with domestic violence since 2005. My
son was physically assaulted by dr. N. M. Berkoh for first payment for
teachers, which were employed just from 4-6 pm to teach only one
subject. Sunyani Police hid crime with Inspector General of
Police, Bureau of National Investigation Regional Commander Mr. Marcus
Plus (who was a member of Regional Security Committee), Chief of Justice
G. T. Wood, State Attorney did the same. Chief of Attorney
Department R.B eke stole from Attorney Department’s office dockets, which
against dr. Berkoh. What? Why? No one followed instructions of Regional Minister as the
wealthy doctor/criminal (who with administrator used income of private
clinic Green Hill raised with my Mother’s finances to buy
supporters/followers). Involving to our case are Ghana
UN, UNICEF, EU, Interpol, Minister of Interior, Minister of Women and
Children Affairs Hajia Alima. Many hid facts. Did Mahama hid crime in his country what is
against International law code?
Court’s maintenance cheque, we had not on time even through member of
Regional Security Committee Regional Police Commander Mr Opare-Addo, he
used domestic violence to have his daily bread, failed Regional Police
Headquarters Domestic violence unit, also Regional Ministry’s Chief
accountant of past and recent government with Coordination Director of
past and recent government. They failed to do right, supporting their
country wealthy criminal, all of them members of past government
party, or pretenfing. We do not know. Some from tribe or clients of my separated in 2007 by Regional
Security Committee ex. No divorce, no share, no freedom, no independence.
At this time, we have weekly court’s maintenance cheque through the Regional
Police Headquarters Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit in Regional Minister’s
secretary office as Regional Minister understood that Chief
accountant, Coordination Director Mr. Chraahaah, who sabotaged him and
government since for years. We have no financial possibility to reach
Accra, usually, we borrow money for every emergency.
Every year we’re paying with our court’s maintenance for Immigration
service – for renewing residential permit, for tortures of staying in
Ghana as dependents of dr. N. M. Berkoh, who married me in 1991 with secret
purpose to rob, kill, used us like slaves, we had wrong treatment, had no
right medicine and had not food on time. He fought with Immigration Commander
Mr. V. Hube, stole our Ukrainian passports many years ago, we holding
Russian passports (while, we left France/Russia/Ukraine), paying for renewing till became adopted to have our
permanent country, home and peace. We have no one who is on our side, except
of God and foreigners friends. American missioners Daniel & Karis Mayer
left for us books for my son. Donna Rohrmiller also supporting us with
prayers. Kim and Chris Honan helped us to think about safe political
shelter in the USA, helped us to send in 2007 to President of Ghana my
Mother’s petition “International disappointment” with my
Petition-remainder to Minister Interior. Was no response what improved
what Ghana counted as not a crime tortures of foreigners, race
discrimination in courts, acts of robbing properties, killing, keeping by force
with humiliation and abuse.
Please help! We need your response, support.

Thank you. Sincerely yours Bryan Berkoh and Tatiana Berkoh.

Our SOS is pending – Human Rights to be free from torture unavailable in Africa for foreigners .
No one cares about plea for freedom – smuggling foreigners and discrimination with hidden murder and stolen property is World’s empty problem, because of third country’s criminals have power of corruption and racism to continue criminal’s activities.

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