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Africa, Ghana, Sunyani. Weekly CHEATS with payment to us foreigners the lower amount of our Court maintenance (which we have not on time – after 3-6 days through the Regional Police Headquarters Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit/through control of Regional Minister Mr. Nyamekye-Marfo and his Deputy Mr. Eric Opoku in the Regional Ministry since 2007 (with previous government and current). Noticeable: the corruption and bribes are killing the law.

September 2, 2012

Accordingly to the new currency and calculation, my son and I must have weekly court’s maintenance cheque of 314,50 Ghana Cedis. We only have 300 Ghana Cedis since 07/05/2010 (before, we had only 250 Ghana Cedis). Since November 2006, we have punishment from the criminals for media involved and for sent by Police the criminal case, which against the murderer. On 27/10/2006 (with my civil case of our justice-freedom trial in the High Court) was destroyed our separated door by my ex, we had death threats and his savage physical assaults).

With Minister of Foreign Affairs Akufo-Addo’s lawyers’ in our justice/freedom case, my Mother, my son and I had no court’s maintenance for 58 days. Until May 2010, my son and I had no slaves salary – monthly court’s maintenance at all (was an error of all officials, was no payment of all arrears). My Mother was killed on 22/01/2008, buried in RCC’s coffin on 24/01/2008 as she (white foreigner victim) wrote Freedom/Human Rights plea to the President of Ghana, expected our Liberty…

My vehicle (Mercedes-Benz BA 284 V), someone is using illegally: Regional Police Commander of 2006-2007 Opare-Addo as he worked some years ago for INTERPOL, or separated by the REGSEC ex – Mensah Berkoh (the murderer of my Mother). In 2007, Regional Minister Mr. Baffour Awuah with the Inspector General of Police, others did not try to press the criminal – no compensation from the wealthy abortions/narcotics dealer (doctor Mensah Berkoh – the thief of our property and murderer of my Mother), and smuggler of white foreigners not in a prison. IGP’s Secretary left the criminal case somewhere in a bush.

Last week, our weekly court’s maintenance cheque, my Mother’s murderer dr. Mensah Berkoh sent to the Regional Police Headquarters Domestic Violence and Victims Support Units on 24/08/12. Friday’s cheque of our foreigners’ weekly food money was delivered to Regional Ministry on 27/08/12 as the Chief Accountant Eric Nyarko and Chief Director of Coordinating Council Felix Chaahaah are trying to push us for reconciliation with the thief, abortion/narcotics dealer (the murderer of my Mother).

My son and I never want unjust. Why politicians in Sunyani are cheating their leaders in Accra, did not send to them our case. Human Trafficking is growing with internal corruption. Racism heavy in Ghana, lack of Human Rights to be free from tortures and force of terrorists/lawbreakers.

Weekly CHEATS with payment to us lower amount of our Court maintenance which we have not on time through Regional Police Headquarters,through control of Regional Minister in Regional Ministry since 2007(with past government & current). According to new currency calculation we must have weekly check of 314,50 Ghana Cedis,but have only 300 Ghana Cedis since 7/05/2010,before we had only 250 Ghana Cedis since November 2006 we have punishment for sent by Police crime case(destroyed our separated door by my ex,had treats of death,physical assaults),had no court maintenance 58 days,till May 2010 had no slaves money-monthly court maintenance at all,had no payment of all arrears. My vehicle someone is using illegally (Regional Police Commander of 2006-2007 or my ex),Regional Minister in 2007 with Inspector General of Police,others support wealthy doctor-thief,left case behind.Last week check sent to Police on 24/08/12,delivered to Reg.Ministry on 27/08/12 as Chief accountant,Coordination Director trying to push us for reconciliation with thief,abortion dealer,murderer or my mom. Corruption,bribes killing the law

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