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One of many fact’s of cruelty in unlawful attitude to us foreigners .

September 2, 2012

Ghana made for my deadly assaulted mother , my growing son and me injustice . We had new life threats - Doctor Berkoh deliberately did not pay our court maintenance for 58 days . The Minister of Foreign affairs (Presidential Candidate in 2012 Mr. Nana Akuffo-Addo ) with his recommendations to my civil case (divorce ) lawyers in Sunyani (Chief Executive of Municipal Assembly Mr. Twumasi Awuah (Dr Berkoh's client ) and his junior lawyer Mr. Matthew Appiah from Twumasi and Associates chamber . They all kept us starve - they intentionally made the longer-lasting problem with much more tortures .
My mother's civil case they kept in one in my divorce case . The arrears was not paid , for 3 and half years we had no monthly court maintenance (slaves salary , which colleagues of separated by REGSEC ex Doctor Berkoh forced him to pay us time after time , some decade ago ) . In High Court 3 lawyer Wiredu Peprah played racism and (NPP-NDC's political parties ) politics . Lawyer Wiredu Peprah had Dr. Berkoh's packs of different kind of medicine on the table , some he used from his drawer and had something to sniff out of a pocket . He supports Dr. Berkoh's and Green Hill Clinic administrator Amo Frimpong Monsoh lies / cheats in High Court 3 / Circuit Court 'A ' . They use my mother's clinic - we have no entrance there . They did not pay for my child's teachers without force of the Regional Police Commander Opare-Addo . They did not pay electrical bills , grew arrears , with unity cheated Judges . Dr. Berkoh's lawyer forced the judge to shrink our court maintenance , supported narcotics / abortions business of his client , called me 'Pig ' (with his client , his administrator and others Ghanaian's) .
The Judge Ato Assan failed , had good appetite for bribes , had antipathy to the law (the same as the Chief Justice Wood with others involved ) . The Minister of Women and Children affairs Mrs. Hajia Alkma Mahama I met in Sunyani , in January on 55 th day of no having our court maintenance . For 3 years of keeping our case she did nothing good at all , left the case in a poor stage - in quicksand (the same as others officials and leaders did) . All of them unable to understand words justice , freedom - they provide with nausea and mistrust with their acts of professional misconduct . The citizens of Ghana unable to care about the foreigners Human Rights . The racism in Ghana Courts is able . The theft of the foreigners property , murder , life threats and human trafficking too .

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