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My mother was not happy in Ghana with tortures of physical assaults , race discrimination , force and stolen all her properties . She was not happy in Ghanaian jungle with no safety , without human , women and children rights , and without legal way to leave the West Africa to have safe political asylum in UK officially from 2006 . We reached the courts in 2006 . In Ghanaian’s courts my mother , my son and I met injustice with racism against us . We had no weekly court maintenance 58 days with new life threats against us . We had no international support to leave Africa at once . Was no sign of justice , my mother had destroyed internal organs – Dr . Berkoh freely physically assaulted her in several occasions with many years . Dr. Berkoh used us like slaves . The Minister Interior , the Minister of Foreign affairs (Presidential Candidate) , the Minister of Women and Children affairs hid the crime with State of Attorney General and Chiefs of Attorney Department . They hid the crime with the Immigration service and unity of Inspector General of Police , Ghana UN , EU , INTERPOL , Chief Justice and the President of Ghana . They hid facts of stolen property and fact of stolen documents by Dr. Berkoh (my separated by the REGSEC ex is using my mother’s clinic to pay bribes to keep us tortured) . We were forced in Ukraine to have different passports as we left Leningrad earlier , Ukraine gave us the way out permanently . The officials counted as a very normal issue for Ghana the human trafficking , theft of property and murder foreigners . My mother was tranquilized in 2008 , sent to Ghana-grave by the Regional Minister and the member of the REGSEC the Regional Commander of BNI . Many of Ghanaians nervous , angry and wild on us – we had attempts to have justice in the jungle and freedom from their jungle .

August 31, 2012

Did my mother was happy in Ghana with tortures of physical assaults,race discrimination,force,humiliation,stolen all her properties,with no safety,without human,women & children rights and without legal way to leave?  NO. Minister Interior,Minister of Foreign affairs(Presidential candidate),Minister of Women and Children affairs,State Attorney,Immigration service,Inspector General of Police,Ghana UN,EU,Interpol,Chief Justice,others involved hid crime,hid fact of stolen by my separated ex our Ukrainian passports,counted as a normal for Ghana issue

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