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31/08/2012, Regional Ministry – forced starvation is a murder.

August 31, 2012

The political murderers in Regional Ministry’s cruel performance. Our stomachs are rumbling with hunger.


31/08/2012 Another weekend without weekly court maintenance. It is legal or illegal keep foreigner women,children without food in Africa? Politicians happy with their promises,excuses which no valuable for us trapped with unjust. If someone of responsible knowing what my son and I need to eat food everyday.

31/08/2012 – Another weekend without weekly court’s maintenance. Do you think It is legal or illegal acts of storing white foreigners (woman and child) without food in Ghana, West Africa? Politicians happy with their lies promises. Their excuses of crimes became invalid. They are wasting our lifetime. Racists in power trapped us with injustice/with racism in Courts against us/discrimination/violation of the law and poor work of Anti-Human Trafficking Units. They are responsible for organized sets ups of tortures. Lawbreakers do not care about Regional Ministry’s dependents/hostages. My child and I want to eat food every day – politicians torture us with starvation. They keep us as hostages without legal ways to leave for safety. Racists are keeping us in Ghana without food/without drinking water/without our willingness. Lawbreakers are pushing us victims to become beggars to give them entertainment. Political criminals count their acts: “Not a political crime”, dig our graves to bury victims in their two feet holes, to bury without identity (the same as they did to my Mother in January 2008). The murder was covered with corruption/with the lid of a coffin by officials (include BNI, Sunyani). Death threats for white foreigners/facts of robbed/killed white foreigners – security personnel/politicians are keeping in their country’s secret. We are political asylum seekers since 2006 – our case had Presidential Candidate Akufo-Addo with one corpse in his hands with members of NDC’s assistance. Impossible to have justice in a jungle. Do you mind hell and hospitality?


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