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We’re not living – we are passing life and passing time, because of those, who ‘care’ about us – officially doomed.

August 27, 2012

Those, who borrowed for us money for foodstuffs and for bills payment became not friendly (having head aches). Well, we are using what left to use. My mother, my child and I felt and feel the race discrimination in West Africa by untrustworthy and impure politicians (others familiar to them). We gave up for struggle to search the justice where the racists made the law unreachable (search in jungle the justice will be seen as you are food for parasites, bones at the ending of the trial – look at my Mother in the Berlin top cemetery in Sunyani B/A and you wont find identifying the murdered foreigner’s name – the disreputable and double-dealing security and politicians ‘ate’ it to mute International case). We are looking for freedom (legal outing of Ghana) and stable health (even with insufficiency of detergents as majority unable to understand matter of usefulness of law value and they out of the pain in lack of elementary things). Lately, we have been treated typhoid and for now we have mistreatment from the officials. They intentionally left us on Friday without weekly court’s maintenance, with finished toothpaste and bath soap, with empty shelves and empty fridge. We are political asylum seekers officially for latest 6 years. Bribed and corrupted lawbreakers are unclean. They glad to use their seats, their injudicious and ungodly power marked us victims like a target for their injustice. Robbed foreigners killed by morgue and ‘suffocated’ in West Africa, Ghana by the bloody hands of lawbreakers. Very pathetic.

We're not leaving - we're passing the time because of those who 'care' about us - officially doomed,those who borrowed to us money for foodstuff,for bills became not friendly and having head ache. We also tired to be humiliated,discriminated,using what left to use. Fight for justice we gave up,fighting for freedom,for keeping health stable. Just treated typhoid - have mistreatment of officials who left us on Friday without weekly court maintenance,with finished toothpaste,bath soap,empty shelves,empty fridge. No thank you for abandons.

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