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2012 – The Regional Minister B/A. Another day of justice paralyzes – life threats from the Regional Ministry’s officials for me and my child. Do Ghanaian politicians and others involved officials want my son grow, or eat, or have education, or breath? If not – they are imbeciles, who unable to understand – we are humans and political asylum seekers. We expect to have freedom. We did not require for torture of my child’s rights to eat daily food,which we got only after 3-6, 58 days in a trap of disreputable officials. My Mother was buried by NPP’s government and BNI in 2 feet hole in RCC’s cheapest political party coffin. I think the corrupt politicians able to bury victims somewhere in their gutter, without coffins (if we do not safe our lives, do not find the legal way to have safe political asylum and leave the West Africa.We must have peaceful atmosphere without horror of racists’s acts of regular absurd against the law – torture foreigners in Ghana with power of corrupt officials in their elected seats. We are not ready to stay by force, we expect freedom. Without punishment was murdered one of us (my Mother). Through the Regional Police Headquarters, through the Regional Minister and the Deputy impossible to have our weekly court’s maintenance cheque in the Regional Ministry from the murderer of my mother Dr. Berkoh. We need International support to be free from the human trafficking and torture.

August 24, 2012

Another day of paralyze.Do Ghanaian politicians,others involving want my son grow,or eat,or have education,or breath? No. My mother was buried by past government in 2 feet hole in their cheapest coffin, I think what politicians will bury me and my son somewhere in gutter without coffins if we do not get safe political asylum.

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