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Fleas are a health hazard for us the foreigners in the West Africa , Ghana , SunyanI , B/A . The Regional Security Committee (REGSEC) in 2007 stopped the violence in the house and stopped direct life threats from Dr. Berkoh . They gave separation from the ex with my dead marriage to 1994 . The divorce , share , freedom and independence is pending , because of Dr. Berkoh wants to kill , to do not pay the share and because of he does not want to reach the prison for murder and narcotics business (in case if we will find right officials for investigation and assistance to leave for safety) . I did not get divorce because of the Minister of Foreign affairs the Presidential Candidate Mr. Nana Akuffo-Addo with his act of given to us useless for law work lawyers Mr. Twumasi Awuah and Matthew Appiah did spoil a divorce case in 2006 , covered domestic violence , life threats , human trafficking , slavery and we didn’t leave Ghana as safe political asylum seekers – justice impossible to have in Ghanaian’s Courts with race discrimination against us the foreigners , with heavy Ghanaian’s problems the bribes and corruption . The officials and leaders dishonest . They ignored our official SOS in 2006 and they ignored my mother’s SOS to the President Kufuor in 2007 , the same as her petition of her pleading with High Court in 2007 to have the compensation from the false son-in-law – the Dr. Berkoh for stolen from her property in 1996 and for her lost pension for 11 years with his fake invitation to Ghana to care grandchildren (maybe 3 babies can rise from murder as he killed when he was a student from beginning in USSR , then in 1994 after stealing my containers in Ghana, used me for slavery, stole our property , flew high , comforted locals) . The REGSEC with the Regional Minister Mr. Baffour Awuah , his Deputy Mr. Kwadwo Kwakye and the Chief Director of Coordinating Council Mr. F . O Boateng with current government officials from the Regional Ministry made impossible to maintain in a coffin-cage (barn-house) renovation to keep us till freedom days (in case if we will have International support and assistance with protection) . We have no compensation for raised with taken (stolen by Dr. Berkoh) from my mother’s property . We have not any payment of slaves salary (monthly court maintenance which Dr. Berkoh did not pay since 2006 for three and half years through the Regional Police Headquarters DOVVSU , through the Regional Ministers in the Regional Ministry in the cheques of weekly court maintenance which we have through them with their delay for 3-6 days . We did not get payment for 58 days of our court maintenance because of the racism and injustice we met in Ghana . We did not have compensation from my separated by REGSEC ex (who is a doctor millionaire after his theft of my mother’s property and narcotics-abortions-murder performance , free commitment the murder of my mother to hide and bury the sources of his wealth) . Dr. Berkoh was not able to do any renovation in the house , because of he gave us his warnings, regularly opened his old plan to kill us one by one . He builds and built houses for his citizens for his entertainment , to have more income , to please officials with given them the lands and new houses to they stay out of case , make worsen situation . Dr. N . M Berkoh out of raised with my mother’s finances house which was taken with force and cheats (stolen with planned theft) – all systems spoil , the roof with the leakages , termites easily to find in some part of the house. On top of the ceiling we had mice , then the cats from neighbor’s and lots of fleas left all over in some rooms which we do not use . Without oil paint and legal way out for safety we have limits and discomforts , we are staying near the door . Dr. Berkoh used 12 years ago cheap paint which looks not valuable in civilized life . Cracked walls with the fleas we do not like – we need freedom from Ghana and safety from all lawbreakers involved . Three years before our coming to the house the mason’s family used my mother’s house , they made house messy in every part of the wall – until was closed by authorities in 2000 illegal abortions and narcotics businesses of Dr. Berkoh in the Doctors bungalow , 7 in Doctors Medical village . Dr . Berkoh shifted his clients to Dr. A . Amankwa’s boy’s quarters garage , then shifted to the private clinic Green Hill which he raised with my mother’s blocks . He did not share , did not pay to to my mother part of clinic income . Dr . Berkoh (murderer of my mother) did not register my mother’s house and two houses of the Green Hill clinic on her name , the third building of Green Hill clinic was raised with his abortions and narcotics business . The Politicians of NDC-NPP’s political parties and the Security is knowing facts . We are the dependents of the Police , the Regional Ministry and the murderer of my mother . We have our weekly court maintenance cheques in the Regional Ministry since 2007 (the Regional Police Commander Mr. Opare-Addos with ASP Amoako , Setina and one T . T . (DOVVSU-WAJU) is following wealthy criminals Dr. Berkoh and his Administrator Amo Frimpong Monsoh , the Police involved , failed to serve the law with their problems of admiration of the bribes since 2005 , they dismissed the crime cases , only one crime case reached the Circuit Court , the dockets stolen from the Attorney Department by the Chief of the Attorney Department Mr . Robert Beke) . They all are knowing – we are the victims of domestic violence and victims of corruption in Ghana , victims of inhumane hospitality and racism , witness of the murder of my mother , the witnesses of bribery in the Police and Courts … We are witnesses of narcotics and abortions business of Dr. Berkoh and his manipulation of the political parties since 1997 he supply NPP-NDC with abortions and narcotics incomefor their election , use the Police and lawyers to buy as prostitutes to hid unclean acts and laughed at them . They left us in the house (barn) with our untreated wounds (what caused the death for my mother as was impossible to survive after savage physical assaults and destroyed by Dr. Berkoh internal organs in February , 2006 , in other time , impossible to ran for safety with set ups of death against her – murder in January , 2008) . The REGSEC (two members hide the crime – the Regional Commander of BNI Mr. Marcus Plus and the Regional Police Commander Mr. Opare-Addo ) and Dr. Berkoh kept us from 2007 with the toxic water in a well (our Pet-dog had swollen body the same as my mother , my child and I . Our Pet-dog died after sufferance in 2007 , my mother cried , thought I will be next , she needed wheelchair and urgent medical professional help, she had regular pain in the chest , did not sleep in recumbent position , prayed for our safety . My son had condition close to death) . My child and I had tries to be free from torture in 2009 to leave us refugees – the Ghanaian Security took our petition-SOS from the French Embassy , the Ambassador did not receive his correspondence . We expected to have security , safety , justice and freedom . The Ghanaian’s left us to keep tortured with their new set ups of death , with the power leakage in the house-coffin and with ‘THE BLACK DEATH ‘ .

August 19, 2012

The vacuum cleaner (which I brought from abroad in 1993) damaged the same as others electrical equipment with power leakage , high and low voltage from the VRA . Do we need to be a victim of nasty bacteria ? Not , we are spraying rooms , used oil paint for one room , result does not match our high expectations .

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