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~2003 or 2004 – I made a photo of my little son with the nephew of the separated in 2007 by the REGSEC ex (Dr . Berkoh ) . The nephew Abeiku Hammond of my mother’s murderer (Dr . Berkoh ) grew into big Doctor with the narcotics and abortions bloody business of my ex and with our (the foreigners) daily sorrow and domestic violence of Dr. Berkoh . The nephew of my mother’s murderer expected the cash to leave for vocation . The separated ex’s nephew worked in a Green Hill Clinic (which was raised with stolen from my mother property by acts of their Ashanti’s family criminals deeds ) . The Dr. Berkoh’s sister Veronica (Abeiku Hammond’s mother) since my arrival to Ghana in 1993 performed her domination , pressed the brother (Dr . Berkoh ) since he had with return to Africa houseman ship rotation . He had his sister’s daily demands to give her money (for her 4 children without fathers ) . He had her regular demands , supplied for their school fees , later – for their universities payment , visas and tickets to UK-US , for vacations and for permanent stay in abroad . My pregnancy (in 1994) no one of them needed . They got rid of it and I had infectious , had risk to die , marriage was ended . I had language problems , had no protection and had (have ) the lack of financial ability to leave Ghana . We have no International protection to be free today from the torture . The containers which we sent from Russia-Ukraine were ‘stolen ‘ , disappeared while one container on my ex’s name reached committee 5 Tema and sister of my ex (Veronica ) sent almost everything to her house in committee 2 Tema . My mother and I spent our salaries , spent our savings to buy that valuable goods . Dr. Berkoh with his sister planned to invite my mother to Ghana to permanently torture her with physical assaults in Ghana , the West Africa . I thought they joked to injure me . They had dirty plans – rob my mother’s property . My ex was wild . He needed to leave the government job to have daily cash in private clinic to supply their needs , also his girlfriends , ‘wives ‘ , other relatives . they demanded cash for their development and growing . The officials have their share from Dr. Berkoh’s income – hid the crime . My child cannot have from the racists daily food even through the Court , Regional Police Headquarters and the Regional Ministry – the thieves and murderers happy with the crime . They used the racism and bribes to win their black case . We are safe political asylum seekers since 2006 . Our SOS is pending . My mother was tranquilized by Dr. Aaron Asare on 21/01/2008 , next day he sent her to the Regional Hospital . They (Asanti’s ) murdered my mother in the morgue on 22/01/2008 in Sunyani B/A . The Regional Minister Mr. Baffour Awuah and the member of the REGSEC Mr. Marcus Plus (the Regional Commander of BNI ) buried my mother on 24/01/2008 in their cheapest coffin , by the hands of the Regional Ministry’s workers . They left my mother without identification in Ghanaian’s cemetery . Everything for my child (books , toys , laptops and clothes) I bought with our slaves salary (which became monthly court maintenance since 2006 , three and half years Dr. Berkoh did not pay us at all , since 2010 started pay monthly court maintenance not in full amount , 58 days court maintenance my mother , my child and I had not (in 2006 ) . The politicians , lawyers , police and security hid the crime to grow others into the criminals to have their country’s prosperity . They laugh and giggle – the West Africa full of Demons in power .

August 11, 2012

~2003 or 2004.My little son with nephew of my separated in 2007 ex.Nephew who grew into Doctor with abortions bloody business of my ex with our daily sorrow and domestic violence,whose mother since 1993(my arriving to Ghana) pressed her brother when he had houseman ship rotation with daily demands to give her money (for her 4 children having no fathers) for their school fees,later universities,visas&tickets to UK,USA for vacations,for permanent stay.My pregnancy in 2004 no one of them needed,they got rid of it and I had infectious,had risk to die,marriage was ended,I had language problem,had no protection,had no financial ability to leave Ghana-containers which we sent from Ukraine were 'stolen',while one on my ex's name reached committee 5 Tema and sister of my ex sent almost everything to her house in committee 2 Tema. They planed to invite my mother to Ghana for permanent living - I thought they joked to injure me.My ex was wild needed daily cash to supply their needs,also his girlfriends,'wives',other relatives demanded cash for their development,growing.

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