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Freedom matter is pending with no safety of delay .

August 8, 2012

Freedom matter is pending with no safety of delay .

September , 2006 . My mother , my child and I had sleepless night . My divorce case was in Sunyani High court 3 , the separated in 2007 by REGSEC ex (Dr . Berkoh ) attacked my mother , my son and me as usual . The foreigners had and have no place to have safety – freedom matter is pending with no safety of delay .
We waited and wait for legal way to leave the West Africa , Ghana . Dr. Berkoh (the murderer of my mother ) enjoyed the violence . He has protection , followers and support in his country . He had no punishment for the crime records . Dr. Berkoh paid the ‘goodies ‘ to buy the Police individuals in the power of their seats – the Police enjoyed the violence too , expect more .
Dr. Berkoh was unable to buy anti-snake sprays , He didn’t pay to send trash out of the compound (he threw on my mother’s window the rubbish with worms ) . Dr. Berkoh used money raised with my mother’s finances clinic to buy vehicles for his ‘brides ‘ , to comfort officials , to stay out of the prison . He did not share the Green Hill clinic income with my mother , didn’t pay the house bills . Dr. Berkoh (with Green Hill clinic’s administrator Amo Frimpong Monsoh ) cheated the judges .
Dr. Berkoh tortured the foreigners (dependents ) without money for foodstuffs , with regular warnings to kill and with physical assaults (he destroyed the locks in the doors to hit my mother , my child and me , sometimes only hit our doors and windows ) . Dr. Berkoh informed – we’ll not get court maintenance until court days (31/10/06 ) .
Dr. Berkoh warned us – he will not supply us with prescribed medicine for free from the Green Hill clinic . We had new life threats in double . Dr. Berkoh took the house phone and made the damage (to we keep quiet and do not complain at once ) . Outside , (in a compound ) . Dr. Berkoh hit with the stick our pets (the parrots in a cage ) , damaged the cage .
He attempted to kill us (we did not come outside . We watched through the window and shouted for help ) . He hit the cage , the watchman begged him to stop . The elderly watchman had a tries remove the stick from hands of the mad Doctor , was injured . Dr. Berkoh used the car to move out , warned what he will be back . We took our parrots inside to another cage which we prepared for travelling out ( the parrots were burnt in our room in 2007 – I was in the Regional Ministry , waited for our weekly court maintenance cheque until 5 : 30 pm in the Chief Director’s Coordinating Council office . The workers of the Regional Ministry went to the Police several times , didn’t get from the Regional Police Headquarters Domestic Violence and Victims Support Units the cheque for us . The Regional Ministry and the Police closed their offices , the Bank was closed of course too . The lawbreakers left us to starve for three days . I borrowed money from one , who is rich (Sam Bennett ) to buy foodstuffs and to pay for my son’s French teacher , found horrible life threats in the house .

The typist was an abortion and pethidine’s client of Dr. Berkoh – typed roughly , then lost the report , printed the report on own interpretation , and it wasn’t nice at all . We are safe political asylum seekers in official way . We had the tries to have justice in the Ghanaian’s Courts – there we met the injustice (racism ) . We had life threats and regular experience of lack of food and lack of the Human Rights in Ghana .

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