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2011 – The Chief Director of the Coordinating Council Mr . F . Chaahaah . The Regional Ministry , Sunyani , B/A . I received our weekly court maintenance cheque in the Regional Ministry , was insulted in the Regional Ministry’s in the Chief accountant office by the Chief accountant’s worker Mr. Adjei (who is against present government and late at this time their President ) . Meanwhile , we are neutral – we are the foreigners . We expect the positive and official sign of the justice to have the freedom in an official way . My child and I do not support the racists , and we do not like to experience the discrimination . In Ghana my mother was robbed and murdered – the criminals of involved political parties regularly made mess with the peace in every place we go in Sunyani and in Accra . We are political asylum seekers officially since 2006 – unclean politicians made the blockages in our way yo the liberty , waste our time with organized a circus of their political criminal’s activities , frustrated us for responses . They are jumping around the foreigners with out of discipline symptoms . Their Evil’s plans we don’t mind .

August 6, 2012

2011.With receiving weekly court maintenance check was insulted in Regional Ministry in Chief accountant officers office by one who is against present government and late at this time President

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