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Agony for Human Rights .

August 3, 2012

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2006-2007 – My mother , my child and I spent our food money to fight for freedom and justice to have human rights .
We seek women and children rights to have with the justice the independence and safe political asylum to leave the West Africa .
Unfortunately , the political leaders and officials hid in their country the wealthy criminal (Dr . Berkoh ) not behind the bars . They used us the foreigners for foundation . The criminals in power racked themselves , showed rigidity in memorizing the rules of the law . Corrupted officials sang a lullaby to rock the justice .

The corrupt incumbent racists buried my mother and fact of domestic violence , race discrimination , human trafficking , slavery , life threats , theft of the foreigners property and murder of innocent victim (the criminals united and tranquilized my mother) . Law breakers did not send my mother's corpse back to leave in Soviet Union's land . The lawbreakers buried my mother in their cheapest coffin in Ghana with their dignity . They are full of the racism . We do not like their inhumane savage reply to our SOS . They use our case to stabilize their bridges to hell with taken bribes to mute the facts and expecting our quietness .
Our trust in them they buried .

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